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Should Athletes Submit College Recruiting Questionnaires


Why athletes need to submit college recruiting questionnaires

Visit the college websites and find the recruiting section to submit your recruiting questionnaires. This gets your name into the school’s database of high school athletes that are interested in their program. This does not mean that you are getting recruited, but you are now on the mailing list to receive information about any upcoming games, camps, showcases, and breaking news. This is a good way for you to get acquainted with coaches because you can reply back to any of the material that they are sending you.

Here is what a few college coaches had to say about recruiting questionnaires:

-One coach said that if they ask a recruit to fill out the questionnaire and that recruit does not do it, then they see it as the recruit not being that interested; therefore, the coaching staff will back off on their recruiting efforts for that particular high school prospect. That means as a high school recruit, don’t be lazy! Take 5-10 minutes to fill out the questionnaire and send it back.

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recruiting-questionnaire-2-A coach told the RecruitLook Staff that if they ask an athlete to fill out their questionnaire and the athlete blows it off, then the coach sees that as a sign of disrespect. College coaches have thousands of athletes to choose from, and coaches like to get the basic information from any athlete they are interested in. However, if an athlete doesn’t follow through on this simple task, college coaches look at it from a bigger picture. A college coach will take it that this is how the athlete is with all their responsibilities — blow them off. That is not how you want college coaches to view you.

-Another coach said that if an athlete submits the questionnaire, then they know that they are interested regardless of what reports might say. Most college coaches have contacts and sources that can fill them in on certain recruits, so if a recruit wants to stay close to home then schools might back off some; however, if the recruit is filling out recruiting questionnaires, the school will continue to take an interest in them. Which means the athlete now has options!

Going back to our question, why should you fill our recruiting questionnaires? The best answer is that you are giving yourself options. There is no blueprint for landing an athletic scholarship, and if you don’t have other options then you put yourself at risk for not getting a scholarship offer. Most schools now have the recruiting questionnaires online at their website.