Why Social Media Dominates High School Recruiting

Social media has vastly changed the landscape of college athletic recruiting

Social media in athletic recruiting is similar to the evolution of sending emails instead of letters. There is a new way to conduct business in high school and college athletic recruiting. Everyone is connected!

Student-athletes can now display every move of their college recruitment, sharing and interacting with fans and college coaches as they decide on the right college choice.

With the popularity of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, high school recruits are more under the microscope than ever before. College coaches are monitoring recruits to get a better understanding of their behavior and personality.

Social media is costing recruits scholarship money

RecruitLook Scouts have discussed social media with college coaches on numerous occasions. Social media is fun and mindless for recruits; however, they don’t realize the potential severity of their actions on social media.

“We saw how a student-athlete conducted himself on the internet. We simply won’t put up with that potential headache. His twitter gave us a good idea of just how immature he really is. Social media has become a green screening process for us.” -Division Two Men’s Basketball Coach

In this technology and media driven society that we live in, everything is out there for people to see. Recruits really need to be aware of what they are putting out there, and even how they are responding to critics.

“We’ve used Google to do research on recruits that we are looking at. You’ll be surprised by what we can dig up from their social media accounts.” -Ohio Valley Men’s Assistant Basketball Coach.

Now that their are people out there that want to stir up controversy and see a recruit stumble. Recruits need to not get in “social media beefs” with any of their followers. Let that stuff go. The best thing you can do is to send or tweet your message and then turn your notifications off.

Social media doesn’t always have to harm your athletic career. Athletes can boost their college recruitment by taking advantage of social media. At RecruitLook, we’ve connected athletes with college coaches through social media, and in a few cases, those athletes have received scholarship offers.

A few tips on how to best use social media for your college recruiting:
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Athletes just need to be aware of what they are putting out there social media, and to remember that college coaches are always watching!

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