When you need a college scouting service

Unless you are a highly coveted prospect the chances are you need some guidance with the recruiting process.

Whether you need a recruiting service or not can depend on several factors. We’ll examine several instances where you might need a recruiting service and the benefits of using one.

Not a Blue Chip Prospect

If you are considered a “blue chip” prospect than most of the college recruiters will come to you. Blue chippers are considered the elite athletes in their sport and are heavily recruited by college coaches all over the country. Only about 1% of high school athletes fall into the category of blue-chip prospect. If you are not in that category you need to be proactively marketing your talents to get noticed. That is where a sports recruiting service will come in handy. Recruiting services can get your name out to more college recruiters, and offer advice on how to play the recruiting game.

Good High School Athlete BUT Gets No Recruiting Attention

There are millions of high school athletes that college coaches must recruit each year. It’s just not possible that every high school athlete is going to get noticed. Therefore, you need to have a plan to showcase your talents to college recruiters. Being a standout on your high school team isn’t a guarantee that you’re going to play at the next level. Coaches won’t recruit you based on your reputation; they must see you play before the recruiting process can start. In order to stand out from the masses, you might consider contacting a recruiting service. Recruiting services can post videos and stats of your performances for college recruiters to view, ultimately increasing your chances of getting recruited. A recruiting company will get your information into the right hands and can get your name out in the recruiting circles.

Your Sport Has Limited College Recruiting Budgets

When certain sports bring in million dollar television contracts and endorsements it is obvious which sport will get the recruiting funds. That is the business behind college athletics. Some sports can’t reach certain recruits because they are limited financially. This means athletes that play in the northwest may never get recruited by schools in the southeast. This is when a recruiting service can help bridge that gap. With a recruiting service you can now market your game to more coaches by posting video clips and online athletic/academic resumes. A college recruiter will be able to review your recruiting profile right from their office. This saves coaches time and money when they have very little of both.

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