When Should You Start The Recruiting Process?

The college recruiting process actually should start earlier than most people realize. Many college coaches look to connect, develop and maintain relationships with student-athletes, the athlete’s parents, and the athlete’s coaches, during their freshman or sophomore year. Keep in mind, this varies based on the sport and division level. Student-athletes interested in playing a sport in college should approach recruiting as a four-year process.

As a freshman, educate yourself on the recruiting process. Understand the definition of recruiting terms such as contact period, evaluation period, official visit and unofficial visit. Do you know what those mean and when those are? Meeting with your guidance counselor to ensure you’ll take the correct core courses that the NCAA requires.

As a sophomore, start identifying schools that are a good fit and reach out to those programs by sending an introductory email, filling out recruiting questionnaires and attending the right camps.

Your junior year is perhaps the most important year in the process. Reach out to appropriate colleges. Be patient, but persistent and you will find your way.

Your senior year is when you want to enjoy being a HS student…not to get started and try to rush your way thru the recruiting process.

It’s never too early to get started in the recruiting process, but it can be too late.

Contact your local Recruit Look scout, to get started today!

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