When Is It Legal to Call or Email a College Coach?

High school prospective student-athletes can call or email college coaches at any time at their own expense. The rules only apply to when college coaches are able to contact prospective student-athletes. Athletes can reach out to college coaches no matter the date. However, coaches may not be able to reply depending on the recruiting calendar or your year in school.

Realistically, if you don’t have any offers, it’s best to wait until the middle or end of your junior season. Coaches want to see varsity film… and recent film. If they hear good things about you or see a few highlights, they will likely request entire games so they can evaluate you more in depth. You don’t want to contact college coaches when you don’t have film ready, or you aren’t playing varsity athletics. You sometimes only have one shot at getting a college coach to evaluate you; it is very important you have the resume and credentials the coach is looking for.

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Yes, coaches are putting together lists of top freshmen and sophomores, but it’s more important to focus on your skills, strength, speed, and improving your weaknesses while you are an underclassmen. Focus on becoming the best player that you can be so you can go into your junior and senior years with great fundamentals and measureables. Don’t rush the process. Don’t skip necessary steps in the recruiting process.

After you have enough quality film put together for coaches, reach out to them midway though your junior season, or even after your junior year. If you still aren’t gaining much interest, dedicate yourself to your off-season and resend film mid-way though your senior season, and again after your senior year.

Do not have your parents calling or emailing the coaches for you. A coach wants to hear from the athlete, and coaches appreciate when an athlete takes the time and effort to be proactive.

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