When Do College Baseball Programs Make Scholarship Offers?

Posted October 2016 for reference on quotes

College baseball coaches all work differently in their recruiting efforts. Some coaches like to make scholarship offers early, while some will wait it out and offer later. Typically, since there are not many athletic scholarships available for college baseball programs (average 12 per D1 program and 9 per D2 program)…they tend to wait until they are “certain” on a prospect before making an offer.

Here’s a quote in an email received from a Division 1 assistant baseball coach from the Southern Conference:

“In addition to arms obviously, we are looking for the best hitter we can find in the 2017 class. In the 2018 group, we are looking for everything. We don’t do a lot of early offers, because we do not reduce or cut scholarships later if we are wrong! So, we generally make offers in the summer before their senior years — with an occasional exception.”

Coaches can be all over the map when trying to narrow-down when they’ll make an offer, but this example from a division one coach shows that most sports (like baseball) have certain recruiting windows. It’s important to know what your sport’s recruiting window is — it can be the difference of landing on a coach’s radar or not.

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