What to expect on an Official Visit

Official Visits For College Athletes

Official visits are a great way to form an opinion about a certain school. Recruits can tour the campus, check out the facilities, and talk with coaches to discuss the program. It is like a back stage pass to get an inside look on how things operate. Some recruits can even sit in on a few classes, and will also meet with academic advisors.

What are unofficial visits

An official visit is any visit to a college that is fully or partially funded for by the university. You and/or your legal guardians will have your transportation to and from the college paid for. Also paid for by the college will be your room, meals (three per day – *4 for football), and entertainment expenses. Generally you will receive three free passes to that college’s home game the weekend you are in town. Before you take a visit you must send your transcripts to the college (Division 1 only) and SAT or ACT score and register with the Eligibility Center. The college has to be the one to invite you on an official visit. There are ways as a recruit to figure out if the coaching staff is interested in offering you a visit. The easiest way is to email or call the coaching staff expressing your interest in their program. If you are getting offers to visit schools on official visits then that school is definitely interested in you as a possible recruit.

  • You are allowed only 1 Official Visit per college and no more than 5 Official Visits to Division 1 schools. (In Men’s basketball, recruits can take 5 during their junior year and 5 during their senior year)
  • In Division 2 and 3 you can make one official visit per college, and the number of officials visits is unlimited at the Division 2 and 3 levels.
  • Official visits can’t exceed 48 hours starting when the recruit arrives on campus.
  • Test score, high school transcript and NCAA eligibility center verification required before visit.
  • For Division 1 football, athletes are allowed to take official visits April 1 of junior year through the Sunday before the last Wednesday in June. Official visits are allowed again starting opening day of classes senior year.
  • For Division 1 men’s basketball, recruits can begin taking official visits starting August 1 of their junior year of high school. They can take 5 more beginning the day after junior year until October 15th following completion of high school. Women’s basketball recruits may begin taking official visits April of their junior year of high school, beginning the Thursday following the Women’s Final Four tournament.
  • Due to a rule update by the NCAA, effective April 25, 2018, official visits for all other Division 1 sports can begin August 1 of the athlete’s junior year of high school. For Lacrosse, Softball and Baseball, the visits can start September 1st of Junior year.
  • At the Division 2 level, official visits start June 15 going into junior year of high school. For Division 3 schools, official visits begin January 1 of junior year.
  • Official visits are not allowed to occur during recruiting dead periods.

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