What Schools Are Recruiting You

Important Recruiting Question from College Coaches

This is probably one of the most important things a coach is going to ask you.

“What other schools are recruiting you?”

A college coach will ask a lot of personal and recruiting-related questions to get to know you better, but they also want to know what other schools are interested in you. In this situation you want to be honest; however, you don’t want to give them every detail about your recruitment. You become a more desirable recruit when other schools, especially rival schools, are recruiting you for a scholarship. A coach will become more interested if they know other schools are in the mix. It shows that you are a solid recruit that is being targeted by the competition.

You shouldn’t tell coaches the specifics on any offers you have from other schools. You give up your leverage on negotiating scholarship money when a coach knows the details of any offers that are on the table. You simply let them know that you do or do not have a legit scholarship offer — you don’t have to elaborate from there.

You shouldn’t lie about other schools recruiting you either. As competitive as the recruiting landscape is, college coaches are a tight group. Coaches all hang and run in the same crowds, and even though they might not personally know one another, they know somebody that knows them. So, all a coach would have to do is make a few calls to find out whether a certain school is recruiting you.

Your best bet is, to be honest from the get-go, and you should definitely be prepared to answer the important question about your recruiting interest level from other schools.

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