What questions should recruits ask college coaches?

High school athletes can increase their recruiting potential by proactively marketing their talent. One of the best ways to get in front of college coaches is to call them.

Knowing what questions to expect from a college coach is important, but recruits should have certain questions prepared to ask college coaches in order to learn more about the school and sports program. Getting important answers from college scouts will help in an athlete’s athletic recruiting process search.

The college recruiting process is unique for each high school athlete. Not every recruit is going to have the same relationship going (or not going) with a coaching staff. The relationship should dictate which questions recruits can ask college coaches.

What academic questions should recruits ask college coaches?

  • What are the academic requirements for an athlete?
  • Do you offer my desired major?
  • Do you have tutors available for athletes?
  • Will my athletic responsibilities interfere with my school work?
  • What is your team’s graduation rate?

What recruiting related questions should athletes ask college coaches?

  • Have you been able to watch my highlight tape?
  • How heavily are you recruiting my position?
  • How many players are ahead of me on your current roster?
  • Are you going for a big recruiting class this year?
  • Have you made offers to other recruits in my class?
  • What events are you recruiting at this season/off-season?
  • How can I improve my recruiting rank with you?

What athletic related questions should athletes ask college coaches?

  • What skills do you value for my position?
  • How do you see me fitting in to your roster?
  • Will I be able to compete for playing time as a freshman?
  • What are your coaching style/philosophies?
  • What kind of training do you do before/during/after the season?
  • What does the team do for off-season activities?

What kind of scholarship questions should athletes ask college coaches?

  • How many scholarships do you have available for my class?
  • Are you recruiting me for an athletic and/or academic scholarship?
  • What type of academic scholarships might I be eligible for?
  • Do I need to apply to your school before you would offer a scholarship?

Other questions recruits should ask college coaches

  • Where do the players live on campus?
  • Are the athletic facilities close to where the athletes live?
  • Do athletes get any special meal plans?
  • What is a typical day like for an athlete?
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