What is a college recruiting service?

The college recruiting landscape has changed in recent years; high school athletes are finding it easier to connect with college recruiters on the internet. A good college recruiting service will allow student-athletes to showcase their skills on an interactive platform. Recruiting services have been around for decades; however, not until the internet have they become more mainstream. Majority of high school athletes with the hopes of a college scholarship will have an online recruiting presence. Coaches find it easy to navigate online services to gather information on potential recruits.

Recruiting services differ from scouting services in that with a recruiting service the athletes are paying the service for recruiting exposure, and with scouting services, they are getting paid by college coaches or fans. The NCAA does not allow recruiting/scouting services to take money from high school athletes and college coaches. If a college coach is paying for “subscriber” information, then that is deemed a scouting service. If information on recruits is not made public and the only way to get the info on the recruit is by paying, then that falls under a scouting service and must be approved by the NCAA. Rivals and Scout are websites that cater to fans about recruits and dedicated college pages; however, the NCAA deemed those sites Scouting Services because they were charging for their exclusive information and college coaches were paying for it.

Since recruiting services charge athletes, they cannot take money from college coaches, too. If you are signing up with a website that does, you need to be very careful. You could jeopardize your college eligibility.

Some recruiting services will take any and every high school athlete that is willing to pay for their services. They can’t guarantee you a scholarship but will help get your search started. Other recruiting services will scout and evaluate the prospect to ensure they meet academic and athletic qualifications to play college sports.

When you register for a recruiting service you need to make sure you can do a few simple things. Each service differs in what they have to offer, but the basics that each service should provide are listed below:

  • ● The ability to post videos
  • ● The ability to post photos
  • ● The ability to post stats
  • ● The option to post contact info
  • ● Guidance on how to get more college recruiting exposure

The prices for a recruiting service vary depending on what you want or need. Some services have a low-cost monthly subscription that gives an athlete an online profile with limited recruiting tools. Some services charge thousands of dollars for more guidance and consultations with a qualified recruiting coach. You can pick whichever service fits your needs but definitely do research to make sure the company is reputable.

Red Flags With Recruiting Services

  • ● Make sure the company isn’t charging athletes AND fans/college coaches.
  • ● Make sure the service is NCAA approved.
  • ● Make sure the company has testimonials.
  • ● Don’t pay a low monthly fee expecting it land you a college scholarship.
  • ● Don’t register and pay a service if all they do is email blast your information out.
  • ● The appearance of the website is a reflection of the company. Does it look cheap? Is it outdated? Do links not work?
  • ● See how long the company has been around. A lot of scammers out there are building websites real quick and calling themselves a “College Scout”. They take families money and disappear.

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