What do college recruiting letters mean from college coaches?

If you are a student-athlete that is getting some recruiting attention, then you are probably familiar with the college recruiting letters from college coaches. You might be wondering… What do those letters mean? The answer depends on the letter that was sent.

Many high school athletes think they are getting recruited simply because they received a letter from a college coach. Getting letters in the mail is exciting; however, unless the letter is handwritten from the college coach the chances are you are just on a mailing list. College coaches gather a bunch of info on athletes when they visit various tournaments, high schools, and showcases, as well as through their recruiting questionnaire database on the school website. The coaches then put all that info into their mailing list, and from there the coaches will send out generic letters to potential recruits. A lot of times the coach’s secretary is the one sending out the letters. Receiving a generic letter doesn’t mean the school is heavily recruiting you. The purpose is so the coach can stay in contact with you just enough to keep your interest level up. Some schools with bigger recruiting budgets will send out upwards of 15,000 pieces of mail during a recruiting season.

How do you know if the college recruiting letters are generic or if the coach is genuinely interested?

The different forms of mailers that are more generic are:

1.) Typed letter that looks like it was copied a hundred times, and the college coach didn’t personally sign the letter.

2.) A letter with a recruiting questionnaire attached.

3.) Information about upcoming camps.

Letters that shows the coach is more interested in you as a recruit:

1.) Handwritten letter personally signed by the coach.

2.) An invitation to take an Official Visit and not just an Unofficial Visit.

3.) Coaches are getting more creative when sending out recruiting material. Every coach can send a letter, so coaches are looking for other ideas to show that they are interested in recruit. We have seen coaches that are located near the beach sending sand to prospects in the Midwest. We’ve seen coaches using artist to sketch Terminator looking pictures of a recruit in that coach’s school’s uniform. We’ve seen athletes receive a letter in the mail from the head coach every single day for an entire year.

4.) This isn’t a letter, but you’ll know you are getting actively recruited when the college coach picks up the phone and calls you. If the coach wants you as a recruit, they’ll call you.

College coaches send out hundreds if not thousands of recruiting letters and material every recruiting season. It is a way to stay in front of athletes, and it also looks good for the program when recruits post pictures of college letters — it keeps people talking about that particular school.

If you think your letters are of the generic variety, then you should contact one of our Recruiting Scouts to learn more about increasing your chances for a scholarship offer. We can help turn the letters into phone calls…or even some sand!

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