What college coaches should a potential recruit email?

The right strategy for emailing college coaches

There are a few different communication tactics that RecruitLook Scouts teach athletes in order to get more college recruiting exposure.  This blog post will cover “emailing a college coach”.

For some sports (golf, tennis, etc) it is easy to determine who to reach out to… they only have one or two coaches.  The best strategy is to contact both coaches.  But, what about sports like football and basketball that have multiple coaches on staff?

Chase RogalskiThe best strategy is to find which coach is recruiting your area.  Not all, but most coaching staffs have coaches that recruit certain parts of the country.  That is the coach for you to contact via email.

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You can also contact the coach that is in charge of your position.  For example, if you are a softball pitcher, then you should contact the pitching coach.  If you are a quarterback, then you need to contact the quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator.

If you are unsure on who to contact, then send an email to majority of the coaching staff.

Not every email you send is going to get read by college coaches.  Coaches simply don’t have the time to read and respond to all the emails they receive.  So, how can you get your info in front of coaches?  Try reaching out to the graduate assistant or director of operations.  Majority of grad assistants and Director of Operations are holding those positions in hopes of landing a coaching job.  If they bring a good prospect to their boss…it might be their ticket to a promotion.

Contact one of our RecruitLook Scouts to discuss what sort of emails you should be sending to these coaches, and to discuss the different communication strategies to maximize your recruiting potential.