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Ugandan National Trials

I and my brother had our first race a few weeks ago. And I must say, for a first it was pretty great. We travelled over 20 hours on Thursday and Friday respectively to get to our destination and then finally had our race on Saturday. One of the best yet fatiguing experiences. To think we travelled all this distance for one race. Still, it wasn’t in vein. I ran in the 4th heat with 7 other competitors. The nerves were on, but I loved it. Every bit of it.  Just the feeling of being on that startline, I would travel 100 hours for that. The gun went, and we were off. I could see at 30 meters that the race was mine, so I relaxed and crossed the finish like with a time of 11.12 sec. For a first race, I was satisfied, but also knew that I’d have to keep working hard and training to get better times and better opportunities. I’ll bleed, I’ll sweat, and I’ll cry to get there!

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