Team Package Tutorial

This tutorial will help guide you through getting your team registered on RecruitLook under a Team Package.

1.) Go to the Team Pricing Page to learn more about the features.

2.) Click on the Signup Now tab.

3.) The Signup Now tab will take you to our Contact Us form.

4.) Submit the form to our staff that you are interested in signing your team up.

5.) Our web team will invite you to join the Web Application.

6.) The Web Application is where all of the college recruiting efforts take place.

After our web team invites you to the Web Application...

1.) You’ll receive an email stating that your Account has been Created

2.) Click on the link in the email to create a password.

Type in your password & submit. You'll then get the notification that it was successful. Click to LOGIN and type in your email and password.


1.) Click the TEAM button from the left navigation.

2.) You’ll then search for ALL TEAMS to see if your team is already setup.

3.) If your team is setup, you’ll simply click to ASSOCIATE with them.

4.) If your team isn’t setup, you’ll click to CREATE NEW.

You only need to create one team and your coaches can be added through our staff. Your coaches would have to notify us that they need to be added under the Team Account. We create them and they ASSOCIATE with the team.


1.) Click the MEMBERSHIPS tab from the left navigation menu.

2.) Click to subscribe to the the package that is ideal for your team. You can always go up and down depending on your roster sizes.

3.) Enter your credit card information. You’ll be automatically invoiced every month.

Memberships are for 1-team or 1-organization only. We currently do not have it separated out into a format of an Organization followed with each individual team. For example, if your Team Snakes has a 14u, 15u, 16u and 17u team, you would just create one team as the Team Snakes and pay for the entire group, or you would have each individual coach create separate teams and pay for their individual teams.

Adding Your Players

1.) Click the RECRUITMENT/REGISTER button from the left navigation.

2.) Then click the green +RECRUIT button in the upper right.

3.) Then enter their FIRST NAME / LAST NAME / EMAIL

4.) Hit SUBMIT

After you have paid and added your players… all your players will have access to the All-Star membership features. You can add or delete players from your membership as long as you’re within the membership threshold. If your plan is for 30 players and you want to add 1 more player, you’ll need to delete a player in order to add or you’ll need to purchase the next membership up.