Support Local Businesses

This is a tough time for our country right now as the Coronavirus continues to spread, and small businesses are feeling the impact as many Americans are home in isolation. The ripple effect it has on our economy is going to be difficult–but there is something we all can do… support your local business. Your favorite local restaurant, ice cream shop, gym, boutique and just about every small business is struggling right now, so let’s rally together and try to do something.

If you purchase at least a $25 gift card from a local business, we’ll give you a discount to our MVP recruiting membership. We think this serves 2 huge needs in the marketplace right now.

1.) You’re supporting your small business and community.
2.) College recruiting has come to a complete standstill with college coaches off the road and events getting canceled across the country. Our Scouts are in contact with college coaches daily, and college coaches continue to check the RecruitLook site for new leads. In short, we can help athletes in these difficult times.

The RecruitLook Discount

-Any athlete in the 2020 class will receive $500 off! This is a critical time to get this class recruited right now. We need to get to work right away.
-Any athlete in the 2021-2024 classes will receive $250 off! These classes still have time, but coaches need leads to start building out their recruiting boards.

How Does It Work

-Purchase the gift card and send a screenshot of receipt to your RecruitLook Scout
Join RecruitLook and signup for our MVP membership
-We’ll refund you either $500 or $250

Read testimonials and see some of our college commitments

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