Standout performers from Friday Night part 2

This list includes some high level athletes, big-time scoring guards, and a forward that do all the little things to help his team.

Brandon Leach, 2021, Wisconsin Team United, PG: Leach battled with Habib and the two were both making unreal plays. Leach has such a quick crossover and first step to the bucket that he’s tough to stop. 

Tyler Sandoval, 2021, Team Factory, Forward: Sandoval isn’t going to light up the scoreboard offensively but he’s tall (6’10) and does a lot of things well for his team. He rebounds, he defends in the post, and he’s a great post passer from the top of the key and high post.

Livon Ramsey, 2021, Team Factory, Wing: He’s going to be an intriguing player to watch this high school season to monitor his development. He had a few spurts in Friday’s game that were stuff of Division 1 talent… a huge block, followed by a three, followed by a steal and dunk. His athleticism is off the charts.

Najee Williams, 2021, Marcus Denmon Elite, Guard: Williams made several highlight reel dunks in their games Friday night. He’s super bouncy and plays above the rim. He went for 20points on 10-17 shooting in a win against Salt Lake Rebels.

Cam Matthews, 2021, Marcus Denmon Elite, Guard: This is the best we’ve seen Cam play all summer. He was absolutely unconscious shooting the ball Friday night. He went 5-6 on 3-pt attempts on his way to 19 points against Salt Lake Rebels.

Jaxon Wietfeld, 2021, Lincoln Supreme National, Wing: Jaxon is a fundamentally sound player. He plays smart and within himself. He can shoot-it and is patience with the flow of the game. What jumped out to us was his sneaky athleticism when he caught an alley-oop.

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