Athletes Need Recruiting Options

Athletes need to have college recruiting options as a potential prospect

One of the major mistakes high school athletes make besides starting the college recruiting process too late is – not having enough recruiting options. Athletes become complacent once a few college coaches start to reach out to them, and that will only limit the amount of recruiting potential an athlete will have.

College coaches are going to say exactly what you want to hear as a high school athlete, and that is typically something like: “you are our recruit”, “we really like you”, “you would be a good fit here”.

masonmurray3What potential recruits don’t realize is that college coaches are probably saying the same thing to other recruits, and that college coaches have several options when recruiting certain positions. College coaches have a wish list just like recruits do for schools. If a coach can’t get his number one recruit, then they’ll start going after other potential players. The same thing should apply for athletes when looking at schools.

It isn’t smart for athletes to limit their recruiting potential to just a few schools. It is hard to determine where an athlete falls on a coach’s recruiting board. So, by having options the athlete now has more control over their recruiting destination. A coach will give you hints that they are interested, but once a better recruit comes around to commit, the coach will stop recruiting other athletes. And, if the athlete has no other options they are left scrambling for another school.

Athletes also become more attractive recruits once other schools start to take notice. College coaches don’t want to miss out on any recruit that can help their program win, especially when other schools start to take an interest in the recruits playing abilities.