Should athletes email blast college coaches

Don’t rely on email blasting for a scholarship offer

Parents always want to know what it’s going to take for their son/daughter to get an athletic scholarship. The simple answer is: exposure. But how do they get exposure? The best way to get more college recruiting exposure is to have a proactive approach about getting an athlete’s name in front of coaches, and to know the right strategies it takes to make that happen.

jimd1One major misconception with the recruiting process is that ‘email blasting’ is a great way to get an athlete’s info out to college coaches. This is not an ideal strategy if you want to get serious looks from college coaches. Majority of the ‘email blasts’ from scouting services to colleges land in the coach’s junk mail, or the college coach simply just doesn’t open it. A college coach would rather hear directly from the recruit. At RecruitLook, one of the many things we offer athletes is one-on-one coaching to properly handle phone calls and emails to college coaches. Instead of blasting your info to schools across the country, we work with you to put together a more targeted list of schools to contact. Then we’ll provide you all the contact info for those coaching staffs. We also provide custom emails to send to each coach.

In order to get a scholarship offer, athletes HAVE to talk with coaches. Don’t think that email blasting your info to schools is magically going to get you an offer. Some recruiting services will guarantee to send your information to 25,000+ college coaches. Just think about that last statement for a second… 25,000 emails going out to coaches is not feasible. College coaches want qualified recruits, not SPAM emails, and sending info on email blasts is just spamming college coaches. Nobody likes spam email! So, do not spam someone to try and make a good first impression.

You’ll increase your scholarship chances if you have a solid game plan on how to effectively market your talents to targeted coaches, and it starts with sending out emails that aren’t spam.

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