Sports Recruiting Services

Sports recruiting services are becoming more popular with the advancement of new technologies.  College coaches and high school athletes are able to connect in a more timely manner through websites and mobile apps, while fans across the country are able to get more up-to-date information on potential college prospects.

There are two major categories when it comes to Sports Recruiting Services.  Most services fall under either

1.) College Recruiting Service
2.) College Scouting Service.

Both are in high demand and each cater to different markets within the sports recruiting landscape.

Tour the Recruit University Campus

A good recruiting service will allow student-athletes to showcase their skills on an interactivesoftball4  platform.  Recruiting services have been around for decades; however, not until the internet have they become more mainstream.

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There are two main scouting services in the recruiting market today.  The first type does all the football11evaluating on their own and reports their findings back to the coaches.  Those companies charge coaches for the information they gather.  The other main type of scouting service are the web based services like: Rivals, 247 Sports, and  So what is the difference between the two?

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Most athletes fall outside the “blue chip” caliber recruit, and in that case, probably need some basketball5sort of guidance and recruiting help.  There are several other factors why an athlete might need a recruiting service.  Even if recruits are speaking with college coaches or receiving recruiting material, they still could use assistance on how to handle the process.

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