Sports Recruiting Service : Is it right for you?

How do you know if you need a sports recruiting service?

We believe any athlete outside the elite 100 or “blue-chip” prospects can benefit from using a sports recruiting service. However, the athlete needs to make sure they are using a credible company!

There are a lot of recruiting services that pop up out of nowhere claiming to have all the knowledge and expertise to get athletes scholarships — some even guaranteeing scholarships. If a recruiting service says they can guarantee you a scholarship, simply walk away. They just want your money.

Here are few reasons why you need a sports recruiting service:

1.) Nothing is ever guaranteed until you sign your National Letter of Intent. A scholarship offer without a commitment from the athlete is nothing more than a verbal offer, and that verbal offer can be rescinded at any moment. Some (football) programs will offer scholarships to upwards of 150 athletes, knowing that they’ll only end up signing roughly 20 athletes. An offer doesn’t guarantee you can pick when you want to say yes and no. You can use the support of a recruiting service to help you navigate the offers.

2.) You have very little communication with college coaches. Generic emails and recruiting pamphlets don’t count. Until you start texting or direct messaging with coaches on a frequent basis, you probably are not on the coaches’ radar.

3.) Awards don’t earn offers. It used to be like clockwork — earn an All-State or All-Conference award and the college coaches start to contact you. It doesn’t work like that anymore. Sure, an award looks good on your resume, but college coaches have so many more resources now to evaluate athletes all over the country that an award-only isn’t going to get you recruited. Coaches can now watch video and communicate with athletes all over the world. They will find athletes that fit what they need. A recruiting service can help get your recruitment on the right path so you get evaluated by coaches.

How do you know which sports recruiting service to choose?

1.) Do you research on them. Did they just launch their website? Have they successfully put kids into college…and do they advertise that? Some companies claim they have put kids into college, but they won’t list any success stories on their website — red flag!

2.) Do they have a social media presence? This isn’t a deal breaker, but it is something that should be looked at. A good sports recruiting service will have a following (fanbase) that posts about their athletes and important recruiting information.

3.) Are you paying for profile views? Too many services hype their “profile views”. A profile view doesn’t mean a college coach is interested in you. Think about how many people on facebook, instagram, or twitter that you have looked at their profile (or accidentally clicked on). Are you interested in that person? Just because a coach looked at your profile doesn’t mean they are recruiting you. Also, we’ve seen some companies create fake college coach accounts to boost “profile views” for athletes. Be careful about the profile view hype.

4.) Are you paying a sports recruiting service to email blast college coaches? You are essentially paying someone else to spam college coaches. Nobody likes spam! Don’t fall victim to the companies that make you pay for more and more emails sent to college coaches. The companies are sending your info to schools that either: A.) don’t fit you athletically or academically; therefore, the coaches won’t be interested or B.) are in a division level that is always searching for recruits no matter the talent. As an athlete, you are better off working with a sports recruiting service that helps you come up with a game plan to get in front of coaches the right way… and not by spamming them!

5.) Will the scout watch you play? Before you pay thousands of dollars to a sports recruiting service, ask them one simple question: Will you see my son or daughter play live? Some companies are all about the numbers…they just want your money and then you become another number on their balance sheet. Find a company that will watch you compete, evaluate your talents, provide feedback, and guide you through the process (sounds like what RecruitLook does). Some services have call centers and make cold-calls to parents all day long — pitching to them how they need to pay thousands of dollars or they’ll miss out on a scholarship. Make sure you find a company that is going to be at your game!


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