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South Carolina Football Combine

Are you the next big football recruit?  If so, now is your chance to showcase your skills at the premiere football combine hosted by CB3 Athletics powered by the RecruitLook Showcase Series.  This is the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for.  Former professional and college athletes will be running this one-day event to help football athletes maximize their college recruiting potential.  It is simple in college football recruiting these days…you will not get recruited without getting to a combine!

RecruitLook Showcase


Recruiters and Scouts will gather to see more than just what they can see through highlight tapes and a game.  Meet us at the Plex indoor sports complex February the 7th 2015 to leave it all on the field!


Registration 12:00PM to 12:30PM
Cost = $100
Where:  Plex Indoor Sports Complex in Columbia, South Carolina
When: February 7th, 2015
Who: High School Football Players
Recruiting: Free Recruiting Education and recruiting profiles from

*** Combines Events ***

CB3 Athletic Combines measures the athletes Height & Weight along with 7 other Performance Test followed by Agility Drills
1.) Flexibility Test – Designed to measure the flexibility of the athletes joints which is important for many sporting movements.
2.) Vertical Jump Test – Designed to measure lower limb explosive power by measuring the height the athletes are able to jump vertically (Stationary)
3.) Broad Jump Test – Designed to measure lower limb explosive power by measuring the distance the athletes are able to jump forwardly (Stationary)
4.) 40yd Dash Test – Designed to determine the athletes acceleration, maximum speed & endurance
5.) 3 Cone Shuttle Test – Designed to measure the athletes body control, quickness, coordination & change of direction
6.) Push-up Test – Designed to measure the athletes core and upper body strength & endurance
7.) Squat Test – Designed to measure the athletes lower body strength & endurance

Agility drills help improve the athletes ability to change direction in an efficient and effective manner.  This also requires that the athletes have great center of balance, speed, strength & coordination

***7on7 Tryouts***

1.) QB Passing
2.) Receiving
3.) Route Running
4.) QB/ WR Timing
5.) Offensive & Defensive Play Recognition
6.) Team Chemistry Habits

*- Positions include -*
Tight ends
Slots & Receivers
Running backs

*- Tryout include -*
-Individual & Team Analyzing & Evaluations
-Offensive & Defensive players compete against Elite competition
-NCAA recruitment opportunities
-More play repetition
-Invitationals to All-star Selection Camps
-Top Performers Award
-1st Place Championship Trophies
-Regional & National media exposure
-Sports magazine articles

This is one of the most comprehensive football combines in the entire country!  Get more recruiting exposure now!

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Contact Coach Cory Boyd with questions at: 803-636-5387

About Cory Boyd

Cory Boyd was a highly touted recruiting coming out of high school (top #15 by Rivals), so he knows what it is like to tackle the college recruiting process. Boyd played for legendary coaches Lou Holtz and Steve Spurrier while at South Carolina. He finished ranked 10th all time in Gamecocks rushing with 2,267 total yards and 9th all time in yards receiving with 1,283 total yards. Boyd finished with 28 touchdowns in his 4 seasons at South Carolina University.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers with the 283rd overall pick drafted Boyd in 2008. He would have NFL stints with the Buccs and Denver Broncos, but his best success came in the Canadian Football League (CFL). In his first year in the CFL with the Toronto Argonauts, he rushed for 1,359 yards and another 363 yards receiving. Boyd received several post-season honors including being named the CFL’s toughest player, the Argonauts’ most outstanding player, and was also nominated to the CFL East All-Star Team. Boyd has put his football knowledge and connections to good use; he started CB3 Athletics in 2008 to host football combines and showcases for youth and high school athletes.