Social Media College Recruiting

College Recruiting Tips For Athletes

Earning a full-ride athletic scholarship is every high school athlete’s dream. Trying to get to that point of receiving offers is the challenge most athletes face today. There are several factors that athletes should consider when trying to get noticed. Here are some sports recruiting tips that will help you during the recruiting process.

Social media has vastly changed the landscape of college recruiting. Student-athletes and parents can use this section to educate themselves on how to utilize social media for college recruiting exposure.

Social Media in Recruiting

With the popularity of social platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, high school recruits are more under the microscope than ever before. Social media isn’t going anywhere, so athletes better become familiar with how to use it.

Twitter Costing Scholarships

High school athletes can lose out on a scholarship with a 140-character tweet! It has happened before and will continue to happen. What is costing athletes scholarships?

Social Media Advice

There are a few things every athlete should do to protect themselves on social media. These simple steps could be the difference on a scholarship offer or not.

Use your social media accounts to help get you recruited.

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