The Athletic Recruiting Playbook

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This is a soft cover book!

A 251-page guide on ‘How To Go From High School Athlete To Legit College Prospect’.  The Athletic Recruiting Playbook is published by RecruitLook Scouts. This is a terrific Book for athletes and parents looking for more information on the college recruiting process.



It’s difficult for high school athletes to land a college scholarship without the proper guidance. The college recruiting landscape is more competitive than ever, and talented athletes are getting passed by simply because they don’t know how to navigate the college recruiting process. We explore how recruits can maximize their recruiting potential, and offer up college recruiting tips & secrets to gain the competitive advantage. This ‘Playbook’ has all the right strategies to get your more recruiting exposure, including real-life recruiting success stories.

Chapter-by-Chapter Preview

Chapter One : Taking the SAT and ACT
-Taking The SAT and SAT Test Dates
-Taking The ACT and ACT Test Dates

Chapter Two : NCAA Recruiting Terms and Recruiting Calendars
-NCAA Recruiting Definitions
-NCAA Recruiting Calendars : Division 1, Division 2, Division 3
-NCAA Recruiting Rules : Division 1, Division 2, Division 3
-NAIA Recruiting Information
-Junior College Recruiting Information

Chapter Three : Eligibility
-What You Need to Know About Becoming and Staying Eligible
-Academic Qualifications For Division 1, Division 2, Division 3
-NCAA Division 1 Sliding Scale
-Division 1 and Division 2 Core Course GPA Worksheet

Chapter Four : Unofficial and Official Visits
-Unofficial Visit Information
-Official Visit Information
-What is a Walk-On
-What is a Preferred Walk-On
-What are Green Shirt Athletes
-What are Gray Shirt Athletes
-What are Red Shirt Athletes
-Information on National Letter of Intents
-National Signing Dates

Chapter Five : Financial Aid
-Understanding FAFSA
-What is The Student Aid Report
-What is The Expected Family Contribution
-What is The Cost of Attendance
-Information on Federal Aid Grants
-Understanding Work-Study Programs
-Financial Loans Information
-Financial Aid Questions to Consider
-Financial Aid Borrowing Tips

Chapter Six : Recruiting Checklist – 9th-12th grade
-Freshman Year Tasks : Academics. Athletics. Recruiting.
-Sophomore Year Tasks : Academics. Athletics. Recruiting.
-Junior Year Tasks : Academics. Athletics. Recruiting.
-Senior Year Tasks : Academics. Athletics. Recruiting.

Chapter Seven : Marketing the Student-Athlete
-When Should You Start The College Recruiting Process
-Six Steps to Get Your Recruitment on The Right Track
-Keeping The Lines of Communication Open With College Coaches
-Texting With College Coaches
-Calling College Coaches
-Recruiting Questions to Prepare For From College Coaches
-How to Respond to Questions From College Coaches
-More Tips For Calling a College Coach
-Recruits Should Have Recruiting Options
-Blogging for More College Recruiting Exposure

Chapter Eight : A Word From Our Scouts & Case Studies
-Understanding College Recruiting Budgets
-Don’t Rely on The Email Blast
-Three Reasons Why Athletes Won’t Receive a Scholarship Offer
-Be Realistic With Your College Recruiting
-How Serious are You Getting Recruited
-How Do You Know if You are Being Recruited
-Do College Camps Help With an Athlete’s Recruiting
-Do Star Ratings Matter in College Recruiting
-Important Information on College Football Junior Days
-How to Avoid Having to Transfer
-What Do College Recruiting Letters Mean
-Five Mistakes Parents Can Avoid in Their Kid’s Recruiting Process
-Case Study #1 : How To Get a Better Scholarship Offer
-Case Study #2 : Overcoming a Small Town & Starting The Recruiting Process Late
-Case Study #3 : Have The Right Recruiting Strategy
-Case Study #4 : Overcoming a Lack of Varsity Experience & Recruiting Interest
-Case Study #5 : How To Handle Scholarship Offers

Chapter Nine : College Coaches Talk Recruiting
-Quotes From College Coaches About College Recruiting

Chapter Ten : Social Media In College Recruiting
-Social Media Tips For Athletes
-Can Social Media Cost Athletic Scholarship Money
-Twitter Tips For College Recruiting
-Facebook Tips For College Recruiting
-Instagram Tips For College Recruiting

3 reviews for The Athletic Recruiting Playbook

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Lisa Simmons

    This is a good book. We purchased it at an event not knowing what to expect. It really sheds a lot of light on recruiting.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Pete Hill

    We got this book on a suggestion from a sports blogger friend. This stuff is so confusing but the Playbook does a great job of clearing things up. There is a ton of info about recruiting

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    Calvin Taylor

    I recommend this book to any athlete or parent going through the recruiting process. It does a great job explaining all the rules athletes need to consider during their recruitment. I think the most helpful information are the case studies and the information from the scouts. Chapter 8 alone is worth the purchase.

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