RL Hoops League Finale / Elite 32

This July we hosted the RecruitLook Hoops League Finale as well as collaborating with the Elite 32 event — it was filled with high-level talent and packed with college coaches. Here are a few of the standouts from the event. 

Aquan Smart, 2020, Pure Prep

Aquan seemed like a man on a mission all weekend and played like it from Day one; he was arguably the best player all weekend. Aquan is a facilitating point guard that makes the game easy for everyone around him, he will find open players in transition or in the half-court. The passes he typically makes are either in the shooters pocket or leads to a layup, he also showed off his offensive game throughout the weekend by getting to the basket and finishing over or through people with either hand. Knocking down jumpers, which is a weak spot of his, but it’s evident that he’s been working on it as his jumper was falling more consistently. He also had the highlight of the weekend with a nasty dunk! 

Cawhan Smith, 2020, Gateway (IL)

Undersized PG who makes up for his lack of size with toughness and IQ. Cawhan was consistent all year in the RL Hoops League for Gateway (IL), made big plays when needed and kept his team in games by making minimal mistakes. In Atlanta, he came up very big for his team in the championship game against OSA Crusaders — Gateway went down by 16 early in the game, insert Cawhan guarding the other teams point guard full court and changing the pace of the game on both ends, which helped his team win the championship. Smith is a knockdown shooter from mid-range if it’s a 12-18 foot shoot he’s almost automatic from that range. A great defender that makes a lot of bigger guards turn their backs to him cause he puts pressure on the ball, needs to extend his range to the three-point line to become a threat from deep.

Donovan Smith, 2022, Grassroots Sizzle 

This 2022 guard was possibly the best shooter from the weekend, he has range out to NBA line which opens up the court for him and his teammates. As great as a shooter as he is, he doesn’t force or takes too many difficult shots. Gets to the rim easily because defenders are worried about him getting his shot off, and he’s able to beat them off the dribble and hard to stop when he gets downhill. Needs to work on his creating for others and would like to see him handle the ball more, but a prospect that has a chance to play high-level basketball in college

Lonzo Rand, 2020, Houston Flight 

First time seeing him this past weekend, a very athletic wing that plays hard every single play and plays with a lot of juice. Slashing wing that gets to the rim fairly easily and finishes well, needs to improve on his jump shooting consistently to keep the defense honest. This will also open up his offensive skill-set and expand his scoring from outside of attacking the rim. A very good defender can switch one through three and stays in front of guys, gambles from time to time but an overall solid defender. A prospect that has a chance to play low-level D1 but definitely a D2 prospect. 

Bryson Hall, 2022, Nike Elite Stars

When you look at Hall you would think he was your typical 6’6 bruiser big man that punishes opponents in the paint, but once you start watching him you’ll see he’s a very skilled player that can do a little of everything on the court. He brings the ball up sometimes, takes players off the dribble on the wing, posts up to get an easy basket, and he’ll knock down an occasional three. Most will call him a big but he is truthfully a wing player that can help his team in various ways. He needs to develop his lateral quickness and be more consistent of a shooter but Hall is a very intriguing 2021 prospect. 

Jackson Dotzler, 2020, OSA Crusaders-Franzese 

Dotzler is a table-setter, everything went as he went for OSA Franzese all year for RL Hoops League and the same story in Atlanta. He makes the game easier for those around him by getting to the rim and drawing in defense to kick out to the shooters, opening up the lanes for others by knocking down his shots, as well as finishing at the rim once teams stop helping off of the shooters. Tough as nails defender that puts pressure on the ball but also doesn’t get beat off the dribble too many times and doesn’t gamble as much. Dotzler is very skilled and tough undersized PG but he makes the right plays and is very skilled.

Quani Rudd, 2021, SW IL Jets 

Rudd has gotten better every time we’ve seen him this year and Atlanta his development continues to show. Rudd is a tweener at the moment — can play both in the post as well as on the wing. He’s a freak athlete that can finish at the rim easily and he makes run-out dunks in transition look effortless. Needs to improve his ball-handling and consistency on his jump shots to become a true wing player, but I’m sure next spring when we see him again he’ll be a different player. Rudd has a very high ceiling with his skill set and athleticism 

Marquavious Primas, 2021, Team Georgia Magic 

The first couple of plays when watching Primas will have you fall in love with the way he plays. The first couple plays of the game he made moves and reads in the post that not many kids his age can make. He is a lefty so he finishes at the rim a lot with his left, which throws off the defense — he can finish with his right, too. Depending on his matchup he’ll play to his strengths… if he has a smaller player on him he’s more physical and uses his body, but if its a bigger player is on him uses his quickness and face-up game. Reminds you of a young version of Zach Randolph with the way he plays the game, can help his game by extending it out to the three-point line and spacing court more and improve his ball-handling.

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2019 Larry Hughes Elite Camp Preview

Press Release

August 2nd, 2019

RecruitLook Hoops will once again host the Larry Hughes Elite Camp on August 10-11, 2019 in St. Louis. This is an invite-only camp that will bring in some of the top high school basketball recruits from across the country. The two-day event will feature a mixture of 60 national recruits in the 2020, 2021, and 2022 recruiting classes – all getting the chance to learn from NBA-veteran and skills trainers.

NBA veteran, Larry Hughes, along with state-champion high school coach, Justin Tatum, will be the lead instructors for the Camp that will take place at Hughes’ brand-new facility.

Hughes has an impressive resume having played thirteen seasons at the highest level of professional basketball in the NBA. He was drafted by the 76ers in the 1st round (8th overall) of the 1998 NBA draft out of Saint Louis University, where he was named Freshman of the Year. Hughes was recognized as a versatile and athletic guard with strong defensive abilities, and was selected to the 2004-2005 All-Defensive 1st Team.

“Larry is passionate about spreading his basketball knowledge to the younger generation, which aligns with our vision and overall goal of RecruitLook Hoops,” says Mike Enright, Founder of RecruitLook. “It’s paramount that we have an influential partner like Larry to assist with the development of the next generation of basketball players.”

This camp will also feature wearable technology that is found in top-notch NBA facilities, including the RSPCT Basketball System to track shots, and the Kinexon’s sports technology cameras to measure player movement. All the data is tracked and logged into a digital locker, which will be shared to college coaches of all levels.

“We founded Larry Hughes Basketball Academy as well as our BTS (Basketball Training System) to develop athletes’ basketball abilities and basketball IQ — as well as their character and life skills,” says Larry Hughes, Founder of LHBA and BTS. “We share the same vision when it comes to assisting youth within the sport of basketball. We’re excited to build leaders on and off the court.”

The Larry Hughes Elite Camp provides athletes with an opportunity to showcase their skills against elite competition, while also learning more about the game of basketball and life-skills from special guests. In addition to the drill work and skills sessions the campers will receive, the camp will focus on teaching valuable lessons off the court.

The camp is not open to the public, only family members of the campers. Media requests need to be submitted to

Get the preview of Campers attending…