Reggie Morris, Jr. Leads Grandview To Thrilling Victory

It was a back and forth affair for much of the game, the atmosphere was incredible, the talent level was through the roof, but it was the Air Force Commit Reggie Morris, Jr. who called game with it all on the line. Morris led Grandview to a third place finish in the Blue Valley Tournament over the Aidan Shaw led Blue Valley Squad.

Grandview hasn’t started off their three-peat campaign as well as they would have liked, losing to Raymore-Peculiar to start the season, and then the loss to Olathe South, but Morris knows that everything will be okay in the end.

“We’ve got a lot of inexperienced guys on this team, right now we’re working towards coming together so we don’t have those type of games come playoff time,” added Morris.

Grandview had to crawl themselves out of a hole late in the game, which almost seemed insurmountable, but there was no quit in the Bulldogs. “Our game plan was to bite at the lead, make sure it was reasonable at the start of the fourth so we could go for the kill shot.”

“Coach told us whatever happens of this, it all happens for a reason. We just wanted to get a good shot so we could have a chance at the win,” said Morris regarding the final seconds before his buzzer beater.

The initial drawn up play broke down, and was originally intended for Taj Manning, the standout sophomore. Instead, it went to Morris and the rest is history after that. The second the ball left his hand, the air in the gym had been entirely let out, silence as everyone watched it sail towards the hoop.

If you know Reggie Morris, Jr. then you know he’s one of the best shooters in the area, and for a collective moment, there was little doubt it was going to miss, and Morris knew it himself as well.

“I knew it was good as soon as it left my hand.”

It was a huge moment in Morris’ young basketball career, something he’s been looking forward to his entire life and he knows he’s not quite done shining in the moment.

“I’m just trying to have fun my last year, and get that third championship.”

After Morris’ season ends, he’ll head to the Rockies in Colorado Springs, Colorado to continue his next step of his basketball career at Air Force. A huge step in the next direction for his life ahead, and he knows that in his development leading up to it.

“Mainly becoming a better man on and off the court, getting everything in order so I’m ready for college.”

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