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RecruitLook Scouts in Arkansas

RecruitLook has College Scouts in Arkansas ready to help student-athletes with their college recruitment. It’s important to seek college recruiting help when navigating the college recruiting process. RecruitLook has saved families millions with scholarship funds, will you be next? Scroll to see the RecruitLook Scout that can help you!

Todd Curry handles the Northern Arkansas area for RecruitLook. Todd resides in Harrison, Arkansas.

Todd Curry played basketball at the college level, and has been involved in coaching youth sports teams for over 15 years. Todd has been through the recruiting process with two older children, and is currently working with his son who is a junior in high school. Along with coaching experience, Todd has an extensive background in marketing and runs two successful local businesses with his wife Lori. This background and knowledge of marketing will serve him well in advising athletes the best way to present themselves to potential college programs.

Todd has been involved with an organization called Armoured Elite for 3 years. Along side Jamey Ballard they have grown this group into a well-respected, highly competitive organization known throughout the region. This organization has up to 10 teams playing competitively and boasts over 150 athletes statewide. He is honored to be a part of the Armoured Elite family.

Being from a small high school and playing at several college levels, Todd has a great understanding about trying to get college coaches interested in a recruit. Todd’s greatest joy is coaching and working with kids to achieve their goals.

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Neil Elliott handles the Northern Arkansas Area for RecruitLook. Neil resides in Harrison, Arkansas.

Neil Elliott has over twenty years of collegiate coaching and athletic administration experience. Neil played both basketball and tennis at the college level and has coached basketball at the community college, Division I and Division II levels. He has also had two sons play basketball at the collegiate level, and has two others to yet potentially go through the recruiting process. His background in both collegiate coaching as well as an athletic administrator provides him an extensive knowledge of the recruiting process that will be vital in his work with Recruitlook.

Along with being a Recruitlook Scout, Neil is the director of the North Arkansas Basketball Academy, located in Harrison, Arkansas. As part of leading that program, he has prepared a number of players for the college recruiting process. He not only works with them on their physical skills, but has also been providing them with advice on the recruiting process.

Hailing from a small town in Kansas and having sons play in a small town in Arkansas, Neil understands how difficult it can be to get noticed by college coaches. He is using his experiences and his love for coaching to be a valuable resource for families needing help navigating the college recruiting process.

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