Juniors Circuit

RecruitLook Juniors Circuit

We hosted 1,000+ boys basketball teams in 2021 and over 1,000 college coaches (in-person & on the live streams) throughout the spring and summer for our High School Boys Circuit. And now we are launching the RecruitLook Hoops Juniors platform to find out who is NEXT UP.

The Circuit is open to any team to play in our Open Runs; however, we have a select group that is in our premier division that gets all the benefits of committing to the circuit. Teams will compete in a competitive League and move up and down the standings based on their wins and losses. All roads lead to The Finale where our bracket finale will take place. Teams will be seeded based on their League standings. Winner take all!

Top players from the League will be invited to participate in the Larry Hughes Elite Junior Camp.

2022 RecruitLook Hoops Juniors Application

An exposure platform for 12u-15u juniors travel teams

Age Division You're Interested In (check all that apply)(Required)
Location of your organization(Required)

Every event that we host prior to the Bracket Finale in Kansas City will be considered a League Session.

Teams are required to play in at least 1 event to be considered for the League Finale.

Standings will be based on your best 1 event record + our Power Rankings to determine the Bracket Finale seeding. If a team plays 2 events and goes 4-0 in 1 and 2-2 in the other, we will label them as 4-0. Additionally, we look at the 6 wins and 2 losses to create a Power Ranking. The competition that you win and/or lose against does matter in how teams will be seeded for the bracket finale. Every game matters!

Each event is open to 12u-14u teams.

Prices are per event. Registration and payment can be made on each event page. Teams will not be placed on the schedule until they are registered and paid for.

Each Event Will Go As Follows:

  1. Each team will play 4 games at the designated showcase location.
  2. Each event is a 3-day showcase style tournament. Your schedule is mapped out for the entire weekend.
  3. We accommodate schedule requests in the order registration and fees are paid.
  4. The Bracket Finale will be in Kansas City. The Bracket will take place over 3 or 4 days depending on location and number of teams.
Every team must visit each individual tournament page and register each time for the tournament through the links provided.

ALL RecruitLook Hoops Events will be Live Streamed through BallerTV for College Coaches and Fans to enjoy!
Visit our site to get access.