Boys Circuit

We hosted 1,000+ boys basketball teams in 2021 and over 1,000 college coaches (in-person & on the live streams) throughout the spring and summer.

Our circuit teams benefited by playing top-level competition in front of college coaches — giving the coaches the best opportunities for proper player evaluations.

The Circuit is open to any team to play in our Open Runs; however, we have a select group that is in our premier division that gets all the benefits of committing to the circuit. Teams will compete in a competitive League and move up and down the standings based on their wins and losses. All roads lead to The Finale where our bracket finale will take place. Teams will be seeded based on their League standings. Winner take all!

Top players from the League will be invited to participate in the Larry Hughes Elite Camp. This has quickly become one of the top camps in the country and will feature nationally ranked players from across the country to compete against top RecruitLook Hoops League players.

Every event that we host prior to the Bracket Finale in Kansas City will be considered a League Session.

Teams are required to play in all 3 NCAA Live Periods as part of the League (2 in April and the July live period). The July 7-10 Live Period will be in 2 locations (Atlanta and Omaha). Teams will need to qualify for the Atlanta event based on standing and invites from RL Hoops staff.

Teams will be required to play in at least 1 non-live event hosted by RecruitLook Hoops.
Standings will be based on your Live Period records PLUS your best non-live event record. For example, if you went 12-0 in live periods, 0-4 in the only non-live period event, then your record is 12-4. If you went 12-0 in live periods. 0-4 and 2-2 in the non-live period events, then your record is 14-2.

Prices are per event. However, League teams will get discounted prices for tournaments.

Non-League Teams will receive multi-team discounts for select events.

Each Event Will Go As Follows:

  1. Each team will play 4 games at the designated showcase location.
  2. Each event is a 3-day showcase style tournament. Your schedule is mapped out for the entire weekend.
  3. We accommodate schedule requests in the order registration and fees are paid.
  4. The Bracket Finale will be in Kansas City. The Bracket will take place over 3 or 4 days depending on location and number of teams.

All events are also Open Runs. We don’t want to limit the number of teams that are looking for quality events to play in, so we will offer Open Run Division for teams to come and play at the same venues. These events will be showcase-style for the Open Run Division.

We want to make this a great experience for everyone involved. We want you to be proud of the Circuit that you are in. We know that the best advertising and marketing is word-of-mouth, and we’ll strive to make a lasting impression on you.

Our team has been running events for decades, and we know that attention to detail, big or small, is key when running an event. We’ll make sure that your time on the RecruitLook Hoops League is enjoyable.

ALL RecruitLook Hoops Events will be Live Streamed through BallerTV for College Coaches and Fans to enjoy!

Visit our site to get access.