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RecruitLook Adds to Scout Team in Virginia


College Recruiting Help in Virginia

RecruitLook Scouts coach athletes step-by-step through the entire college recruiting process. We build custom marketing plans for each athlete to ensure they get more college recruiting exposure. Just because you are a good high school athlete does not guarantee a college scholarship offer. There are a lot of factors that come into play during an athlete’s recruitment, and the best way to be prepared is to work rl-picone-on-one with our Scouts.

A few of the topics we cover:

  • Breaking down college scholarship offers
  • Marketing the student-athlete to college coaches
  • What to expect on official and unofficial visits
  • Becoming and staying eligible
  • NCAA recruiting rules for your sport
  • How to communicate with college coaches
  • Scholarship stats for your spot
  • Plus Much More…and we provide 24/7

RecruitLook Virginia

Todd Proctor resides in Charlottesville, Va. and will be scouting Central Virginia.

Todd has been involved in sports his entire life; early on, he focused his athletic attention on his passion for baseball. As a high school and collegiate catcher, Todd learned the game from a special point-of-view to later shape his career path in shaping young lives through the game of baseball.

Since 1996, Todd has assisted and elevated the level of talent throughout Central Virginia through his participation in developmental and prospect camps, coaching varsity high school baseball, collegiate level assistant strength and conditioning coaching, coaching elite level showcase baseball and owning a sports-performance training center and baseball/softball academy.

Through his experiences in player development, Todd has created relationships with college coaches to successfully direct student-athletes and their families through the college recruiting process. Guiding each family through their search for the best collegiate academic and athletic fit, is Todd’s goal for success.

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