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Competing on the national stage for a scholarship at any level requires more than just showing up for practice a few times a week.  The differences can be small but the athlete with the best academic and athletic package can receive a significantly larger sum of scholarship dollars!

RecruitLook has formed a partnership with industry leading CoachUp. Together, we are providing and giving you access to the best and largest selection of personal athletic training/coaching.

CoachUp is an online service that helps custom match and book private athletic lessons for individual players or small groups with some of the best and most qualified coaches in the area.  Background checks, money back guarantee and liability insurance are only some of the features of CoachUp.

RecruitLook is dedicated to provide as many outlets as possible for student-athletes to try and take their skills to the next level.  College coaches are wanting athletes that are constantly working on their craft, and that is why this partnership is a great fit for the RecruitLook network.  Athletes can now prove to college coaches that they are dedicated to play at the next level.

RecruitLook & CoachUp Offer The Best Trainers!

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About CoachUp


CoachUp is the ideal partner to help provide private lessons to individual players or small groups. They have a vast database of 14,000+ coaches that all bring something different to their lessons. Athletes can search using various parameters, this allows each athlete to select a coach who is exactly what they are looking for. Each coach’s profile is filled with information to make your coaching selection very easy, including the price of their sessions, where they are located, their own personal athletic experience, their background in coaching, as well as ratings / testimonials from former players and clients. CoachUp also goes above and beyond to make the entire process as easy as possible for the players including making sure that all communication and payments are made safely and securely.

About RecruitLook

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We are a forward thinking company with our athletes best interest driving everything we do.     We are always looking for better technology, better systems, different and personal ways to help you reach your goals.  CoachUp is one example, but we are always looking for other great coaches to give our athletes bigger and better selection.  If you are a coach and you want to be featured on our portal please contact Rick Henderson