Athletic Scholarships Info

Earning a full-ride athletic scholarship is every high school athlete’s dream.

Most athletes think that in order to get into college, all they have to do is perform well on the field or court. Performance is only a small fraction of the recruiting process. Sure, you have to be a good athlete to play college sports; however, there are a lot of other items athletes must consider in order to land that coveted scholarship offer.

Trying to get to that point of receiving scholarship offers is the challenge most athletes face today. There are several factors that athletes should consider when trying to get noticed. Here are some sports recruiting tips that will help you during the recruiting process.


Athletes have a hard time distinguishing what the level of recruiting interest they are actually receiving. Throughout high school, athletes will receive different recruiting interest from college coaches. It is important to know what all of it means. Click below to learn more about each grade level, the recruitment tactic, and what it means for an athlete’s recruiting.


As you progress through high school you will need to know more about the recruitment process. However, for now, we need to prepare you for the next 4 years. Here are a few pointers that will help you prepare for the future.


You will begin receiving brochures, questionnaires, and other collegiate information from college recruiters. Although coaches are limited with how they can contact you, you will still be getting evaluated on the field. Here are some pointers to get you prepared.


Your junior year is the most critical year in the recruiting process. College coaches are spending majority of their recruiting efforts on junior recruiting classes. Be prepared!


You need to stay focused on earning an athletic scholarship. If you are just now starting the recruiting process then you are a bit behind schedule; however, there is still time to get noticed. Let’s look at what athletes should be doing their senior season.