Recruiting Tip: One College Option Isn’t Enough

If a student-athlete has one college coach talking to him/her, then they are being recruited and only focus on that school…right? This could be no further from the truth. Coaches talk to athletes daily, are interested in others, and sign a few.

What happens if that college coach changes his mind, fills his roster with other players, runs out of scholarships, or even loses his job? Where does that leave this recruit? Until you sign a National Letter of Intent you have to keep your options open. Even college coaches will agree that you really need to be pursuing and communicating with as many schools as possible to be sure you land on a college roster.

Division I is not the only option. That’s just what you see on TV. You can find an athletic scholarship in most sports at the NCAA Division II, NAIA, and Junior College levels. These schools offer a great education, an opportunity for a high school athlete to continue his or her athletic career, and a scholarship to help cover the costs. Many athletic programs at the Division II, NAIA and junior college levels are as good, or better, than some of the Division I programs. Also, some athletes develop later than others. You may need an extra year to refine your skills, increase your strength, work on your speed, or even work on your grades.

Entertain all options!

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