Visits and Offers

Official & Unofficial Visits, Verbal Offers, Walk-ons, National Letter of Intent

As a high school student-athlete looking for a college scholarship you must be aware of Official and Unofficial Visits to college campuses, as well as what it means to walk-on, and what is entailed with a National Letter of Intent. It is important as you become a college prospect that you take visits to see what each college has to offer. Things you can check out on your visit are the athletic facilities, the layout of the campus, the atmosphere of the school on game day, and meeting the coaching staff. It is important as you become a college prospect that you fully understand how to use official and unofficial visits to your benefit. The media has really taken to offers and recruits signing national letters of intent, so we examine what those mean in the recruiting process.


By signing a National Letter of Intent, a prospective student-athlete agrees to attend the designated college or university. The National Letter of Intent has many advantages to both prospective student-athletes and participating educational institutions. Find out what they are.


A verbal offer is a commitment to a school before the student-athlete signs a National Letter of Intent. The commitment is NOT binding on either the high school athlete or the college. So what does that mean?


Walking-on to play college sports is very common. Athletes are finding the opportunity to walk-on a better option than playing at a school that isn’t a good fit. What does it mean to be a college walk-on?


If you are taking official visits to colleges, you are high on a college’s recruiting board. This is a great sign if you are a recruit. What are official visits, and what should you expect on your visit?


Unofficial visits are a great opportunity to learn more about schools you are wanting to possibly attend. Recruits should take unofficial visits throughout high school. How can recruits use an unofficial visit to their recruiting advantage?