Division Two Football Recruiting Calendar

NCAA Division Two Football recruiting calendar

It is important for potential prospects to know the the NCAA Division Two Football Recruiting Calendars.  Athletes and coaches have certain restrictions when it comes to college football recruiting.

The current NCAA Division Two Football recruiting calendar runs June 1st, 2018 through May 31st, 2019.

06-01-18 thru Start of Practice before the Regular Season Quiet Period
During High School or 2-year College’s football season Evaluation Period
11-01-18 thru 11-30-18 Evaluation Period
11-26-18 thru 03-12-19 Contact Period *with the following exception (1-3) below
(1) 12-17-18 thru 12-19-18 (7 a.m.) (1) *Dead Period. for all two-year college prospects who intend to enroll midyear.
(2) 01-07-19 thru 01-09-19 (7 a.m.) (2) *Dead Period
(3) 02-04-19 thru 02-06-19 (7 a.m.) (3) *Dead Period
03-13-19 thru 05-31-19 Quiet Period *with the following exception (1)
(1) 04-15-19 thru 05-31-19 (1) Evaluation Period *with the following exception (2)
(2) The evaluation period listed above is for 4 weeks which can be determined by the college coach. Note that when the college coach is not making evaluations the period will be classified as a quiet period.

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