NCAA Division 1 Volleyball Recruiting Calendar

NCAA Division 1 Volleyball Recruiting Calendar

It is important for potential prospects to know the the NCAA Division 1 Volleyball Recruiting Calendar.  Athletes and coaches have certain restrictions when it comes to college volleyball recruiting.

The current NCAA Division 1 Women’s Volleyball & Sand Volleyball recruiting calendar runs August 1st, 2018 through July 31st, 2019.

08-01-18 thru 08-31-18 Quiet Period
09-01-18 thru 11-30-18 Contact Period *with the following exception (1)
(1) 11-12-18 thru 11-15-18 (1) *Dead Period
12-01-18 thru 01-31-19 Quiet Period *with the following exceptions (1)
(1) Coaches can conduct an EVALUATION of a recruit on Thursday of the NCAA Division 1 Championship through the Sunday immediately following. College coaches may evaluate on only one day and may attend only one event on that day during this period. The event has to take place within a 30-mile radius.
02-01-19 thru 07-31-19 Contact Period *with the following exceptions (1-2)
(1) 02-01-19 thru 02-14-19 (1) Quiet Period
(2) 05-01-19 thru 05-30-19 (2) Quiet Period

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