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Christian Adams asked 2 years ago

What kind of style are recruiters looking for and should I understand the program they are running

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Mike Enright Staff answered 2 years ago

Not sure what you mean exactly by “style”, but we’ll assume you mean what type of playing-style are they looking for…
Every college coach has their own recruiting style and evaluation techniques. Coaches are in their positions because they are good talent evaluators and recruiters, so it isn’t always about how many points you score or whether or not you are a ‘star’ rated recruit. Coaches obviously want players that fit their playing styles. For example, if you are a point guard that is more of a scoring guard than a pass first guard, a college coach might pass on you if he is looking for a pass-first guard. Maybe that coach needs just a ball-handler that can run the offense.
So, yes, you should research on the school and team to see what style they like to play, and then you can reach out to the coaching staff to let them know you bring “X, Y, and Z” to the table. 
College coaches appreciate when a recruit takes the time to research their school/program, both academically and athletically. Don’t reach out to a school if you are nowhere close to qualifying academically… coaches get frustrated when a recruit with a 2.5 GPA contacts them and their academic minimums are 3.0 GPA. 
I think you get the idea.
You can also get an idea on some stuff you can research and do for contacting coaches.