Q&A with Master P

Percy Miller is a business mogul, rapper, and the only rapper to have played in the NBA. Most know him as Master P, but he’s known as dad to his high school basketball star, Hercy Miller.

Hercy is a rising 2021 point guard at Minnehaha Academy in the Minneapolis area. Minnehaha is nationally ranked and features 5-star prospects, Jalen Suggs and Chet Holmgren. Hercy’s been making a name for himself ever since their move from California in 2019.
We caught up with Master P to talk about Hercy’s hoop game, his recruitment and Hercy building his own legacy.

RLH: Hercy just got back from visiting Louisville. How did that go?
Master P :  He had a great time there. Coach Mack was complimentary on his game and likes the way Hercy plays. It’s a first class program and Coach Mack has a track record of taking 3-4 star kids and turning them into NBA players — that’s appealing.

RLH: What kind of compliments are college coaches saying about Hercy’s game?
Master P : They like that he has a killer mentality out there. He isn’t afraid to guard the best player and get in his face all game. They think he is explosive on offense when he needs to be and isn’t afraid to jam it on anyone. Every coach wants a Pat Beverly type player on their roster and Hercy brings that to the table.

RLH: As a dad, what traits of Hercy’s game do you appreciate? 
Master P : That he’ll do whatever it takes to win… he’ll dive on the floor, he’ll take charges, he’ll guard anyone, he just wants to impact the game to get the win. There are some really talented players on his team (Minnehaha), so he knows that it isn’t always how many points he scores to get a win for his team. Also, his court vision and basketball IQ is off the charts. 

RLH: Hercy’s playing with probable future NBA lottery picks on Minnehaha with Chet Holmgren and Jalen Suggs. What’s it like being at Minnehaha.
Master P : It’s been great for him. He’s going up against Jalen every single day at practice — it’s only going to make Hercy better. Hercy’s been playing on a big stage his whole life, but now he’s starting to get contacted from college coaches. Every game is sold out and gets national attention — it’s been a boost to his play and recruitment. He locked up some of the best players at the Sierra Canyon game and that was in front of 17,000 at the Target Center.

RLH: That Sierra Canyon game sold out an NBA arena. Was he nervous for that one?
Master P : If he wasn’t nervous than he isn’t in it for real. Two people or 17,000 people…once that ball is tipped the nerves go away.

RLH: You’ve played high level basketball. What’s it like for you having a son that is trending as a top recruit?
Master P : This isn’t about Master P or anything I’ve accomplished. Everything is on him and he takes ownership of it. He’s up at 5am every morning to get extra work in, he’s getting 300-500 shots up every day, and he’s doing all this while maintaining a 3.8 GPA. I’m proud of his work ethic. I’m not pressuring him to do anything. If he loves it, I’ll be there to cheer him on and support him. He has the skill set, abilities and work ethic to go farther in the sport than I did.

RLH: You have knowledge of the game, so do you train him?
Master P : I let the trainers and people that know the ropes teach him. I think it’s important to have intelligent guys around him that know the game and can be his support system. I’ll support him and let the basketball trainers work with him. He’s got a great trainer in Donald Hogan. 

RLH: What is the plan for the spring and summer AAU season?
Master P : Hercy will be playing with Grassroots Sizzle this spring and summer on the AAU circuit. Brian (Sandifer) and Larry (Suggs) are great guys; we’ve been close for a long time. This is going to be a big year with Chet, Hercy and Prince Aligbe (top 50 2022). All we want is for the kids to get better, to get them exposure, and get them on the spotlight to get seen.
RLH: Any other recruiting updates or visits for Hercy?
Master P : We’re going to go to Georgetown and Iowa State for unofficial visits soon. We’ll just take it all in and see what comes up.

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