Q and A with 2021 PG Jaden Monday

Jaden Monday is an electric point guard with an all-around game. The 2021 point guard has led his Van Horn team to a 15-10 record, much improved from last year, while also leading the team in scoring at 25 PPG adding 5 APG and 4 RPG. Monday recently eclipsed the career 1000 point mark in his junior season. Monday is one of the better point guard prospects in the Kansas City metro with big goals heading down the final stretch of their season. We were able to catch up with Jaden for a quick Q&A to see how his season has been going and his mindset heading into districts. 

RLH: How has the season been going for you at Van Horn?

It’s been a fun season, I’m excited for these district games.

RLH: You guys are currently 15-10 overall and 8-1 in league play. How are you guys handling the pressure of being a top team in your conference?

I feel like as a team we hold ourselves to the standard of a great team so it’s more so pressure from ourselves to be great

RLH: You’re leading the team in scoring. How are you handling the defenses knowing that you’re the go-to guy on offense?

Knowing that teams want to keep me under control I try to use it to the teams advantage. Making sure that everyone is active off the ball since more times than not, eyes are on me.

RLH: You’re a top 5 player in the state in your class. What is your case on why you should be #1?

I feel like there are a lot of great players in my area and in my class, but what separates my game from anyone elses is how I can not only find my own shot, but I can also make the game easier for my teammates. I’ve been doing it at a high level all game and season. 

RLH: You guys have had an incredible year this year, and improved from last year, why do you think that is?

Just competing with great teams in season and in the summer has prepared us to play at a high level. Having the mindset we can beat anyone any given game. I feel like that has put us over the edge these last two years.

RLH: Districts are fastly approaching, what’s the mentality for you guys heading into districts and what’s the message coach has been conveying to you guys?

Preparing for districts has been huge for us from the last two games. In practice we’ve been focusing on our weaknesses, coaches have just been reminding us we can’t settle, we’re the underdog, and we have to play with that chip no matter what.

RLH: If a college coach asked what are the strong parts of your game? 

What would you say?

I feel like the stronger parts of my game are the ways I can impact the game as a playmaker. As well as someone who can guard the other team’s best player while not losing a beat on the other side of the court the whole game. Also just the grit and want to win above all.

RLH: What are you doing to improve as a basketball player?

Playing basketball everyday trying to turn weaknesses into strengths, watching film and dissecting my decisions on the court, and trying to improve on them. Just going hard in everything I do from weights, to practice, to shoot around.

RLH: Are there any updates on your college recruitment? What schools are contacting you the most? Any offers?

I’ve been in contact with a couple MIAA colleges. No offers yet, but interest continues to grow as we win and become an elite team.

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