Q & A With 2022 PG Trevor McBride

McBride is an incredible point guard prospect who loves to get his teammates involved. McBride has an incredible burst and three level scoring ability. McBride also earned all-conference honors this season. Although he only averaged 7 PPG, he finished the season with an incredible 4:1 assist to turnover ratio. 

RLH: How was the season for you at Basehor this year?

It was a good season for us at Basehor this year. Our team was 21-2 with two early losses this year, we ended the season on an 18 game winning streak and we had made it to the Final Four before it was cancelled.

RLH: You guys had an incredible year, made it to state, and beat some really good teams along the way. How’d you handle the pressure of being a top team in the state?

For us as a team we never really felt that pressure of being a top team in the state. We had gotten second last year and we had something to prove so we took every game one at a time. For me there really isn’t any pressure. I have played a lot of basketball in my life and been in just about every situation. When it’s time to go, it’s time to go for me, i just play the game I love.

RLH: You earned all-conference honors this season, how’s it feel to achieve that?

The all conference honors this year were cool. However, I was more focused on my team winning. I don’t play for those honors, i just want to win with my team, and if i get those honors along the way then I will happily accept them.

RLH: What was it like to play for Coach McBride but also be surrounded with talented players like Cory, Jordan, and Connor?

Playing for a coach like Coach McBride is special. He holds everyone accountable and not all coaches will do that. Holding us players to a higher standard than other teams is why we wanted to be great. That is part of the reason Basehor has been at the top for a while. And this team was incredibly talented this year. Corey was the difference maker all year, to have a beast in the paint is something special. And then our two scorers, Connor and Jordan, did their thing all year long.

RLH: You guys avenged your loss to Andover Central from last season, what was your guys’ mindset heading into that game?

We wanted Andover Central all year long, we knew they were going to be good again and that we would maybe have another chance at playing them. Our mindset going into that game was that we were going to have to work harder and longer than them. We were focused coming into that game, we didn’t want to lose to them two years in a row. We also knew we had a day off the next day so we could put it all out on the floor that night.

RLH: You guys had your season cut short in the State Semifinals, what was the message like after you heard the news?

Having our season cut short like that was heartbreaking. For us returning players from the year before we had been thinking about getting back to that position since we had gotten second the year before. We went through a lot this year as a team and for us to not be able to finish it left us all with an empty feeling inside.

RLH: You’re a Top player in your class in the state of Kansas. What’s your case for being #1?

I don’t back down, I will do what my team needs me to do to win. If that comes down to scoring, playing defense on the other teams best players, or sacrificing my body for the team. Our class does have two of the top players in the nation in Kansas but i know i belong with the top players in the state.

RLH: You play for SSA during the spring & summer, what’s something you really enjoy about playing with SSA?

SSA is a great program. The program is like a big family, the older kids and coaches come watch the younger kids and the younger kids and coaches go watch the older kids. It is a great program. They also play basketball the way it’s supposed to be played. We play man to man, push the ball, have good ball movement, and play as a team.

RLH: With the spring evaluation periods just now getting cancelled, what are you doing during your downtime?

At first when this all started I really didn’t know what to do and I rested for a couple weeks, but now my body feels good again and I have been working out and working on my athleticism, along with finding any outdoor basketball goal I can find and get some shots up.

RLH: What are you trying to do to separate yourself from the rest of the pack since you can’t play in a live evaluation period?

I have been working on my body, trying to gain some weight, and increase my speed and vertical. I do ball handling drills to help keep that fresh with me all the time.

RLH: If a college coach asked what are the strong parts of your game? What would you say?

I would tell the college coaches that the strong parts to my game are my defense and my basketball IQ. I’m always ready to pick up anyone full court on defense, and I’m always looking to make the right play with the ball in my hands. I have always been able to score, however I’ve played behind two very good senior classes in my first two years at Basehor. So I distributed the ball to those guys. And now It is time that I get back to what I can do on the offensive end of the ball.

RLH: What are you doing to improve as a basketball player?

To improve as a basketball player right now I have been watching some film seeing what I can do once everything clears up again. And I am doing ball handling all the time in my garage.

RLH: What’s something in your game that you take great pride in?

Something I take great pride in my game is my ability to see the floor. I know that I am fortunate to be able to read the game so well. I always see where the defenders are and trust that my eyes will pick up my own color jerseys.

RLH: Are there any updates on your college recruitment? What schools are contacting you the most? Any offers?

Right now I have just been contacted by a few colleges about coming down to their Elite camps. A few others have also expressed some interest in me as well.

RLH: If so, what’s the message these schools and coaches are conveying to you?

The message those colleges are conveying to me is that the first thing they notice when they see me is my defense. They also know that I can score but they like the way that I do what I do to help my team win.

RLH: What are you looking for in a school at the next level?

I’m looking for a school that wants to win, and a school with a coach that pushes me to be better than I think I can be.

RLH: This year you took a step back from needing to be that go-to scorer and played more of a floor general/lead guard role. Was that something you thought would happen this year?

I honestly wasn’t exactly sure what I was going to have to do for the team coming into the season. As we got into practices and our first couple of games I understood what I had to do for this team to succeed.

RLH: That’s something I’ve talked to your dad about after a couple of your games, with Jordan’s emergence as a scorer it really helped you start to excel in other areas. Would you agree?

Yes it definitely did. And we knew Jordan was always going to be able to score and do it at a high level. We had two other seniors that also needed the ball a lot this year so I made it my job to get them the ball and lead my team on the floor.

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