Q & A with 2022 Nahcs Wahwassuck

Nahcs is a 3 level scorer with incredible athleticism, who is only starting to expand his game. An all-state honoree, Nahcs really upped his game this year leading his team in scoring as well. We were able to recently catch up with Nahcs

RLH: How was the season for you at Royal Valley this year?

 I thought the season went very well! We really came together as a team, and we really competed and committed our time together in practice and in the classroom which helped us a lot.

RLH: You guys had an incredible year, beat some really good teams this year. How’d you handle the pressure of being a top team in the state?

We just took each game one at a time, tried not to get too ahead of ourselves, and we have this motto where “the next game is the most important” and we stuck to that this season which helped us a lot.

RLH: You guys won your conference for the first time since 1974, how did that feel knowing that?

That felt really good, I hope next year we can repeat the same, and hopefully keep on going and go get the state championship.

RLH: You earned all-conference and all-state  honors this season, how’s it feel to achieve that?

It felt great, really glad all of the work I put in the off-season.

RLH: You’re one of the leading scorers on your team, how’d you handle defenses knowing that they knew you were one of your guys’ go-to scorers?

 I just tried to play my game, and just tried to stay sound and  just do what I do best.

RLH: What’s it like to play with someone like Brady?

It’s really great, we’ve been playing with each other ever since second grade, and it’s great to have a big man that does what he does.

RLH: You’re a Top  player in your class in the state of Kansas. What’s your case for being #1?

 I’m just going to try to keep on getting better and better and hopefully I will get that number one spot from all this hard work.

RLH: You play for SSA during the spring & summer, what’s something you really enjoy about playing with SSA?

 I really enjoy the coaches and how they push you to be the best player that you can, and all of the players and coaches feel like family which is a really cool aspect of the program also.

RLH: With the spring evaluation periods just now getting cancelled, what are you doing during your downtime?

 I’m working out everyday and still trying to get better, and just waiting for this time to pass so I can finally get back on the court with my teammates.

RLH: What are you trying to do to separate yourself from the rest of the pack since you can’t play in a live evaluation period?

Trying to keep everything about my game the same, and trying to stay on the grind.

RLH: If a college coach asked what are the strong parts of your game? What would you say?

 I would say that my scoring is a huge part of my game, but also I feel like I’m an underrated passer, I like to play defense and make my teammates better when I play with them.

RLH: What are you doing to improve as a basketball player?

 I’m trying to get stronger and faster, and I’m working on my outside 3 point shot so I can be an elite 3 level scorer.

RLH: What’s something in your game that you take great pride in?

 I take pride in my leadership on the court, and trying to be the best player for my team that I can be.

RLH: Are there any updates on your college recruitment? What schools are contacting you the most? Any offers?

 So far for recruitment it’s just been a lot of camp invites.

RLH: What are you looking for in a school at the next level?

 I’m just looking for a good fit for myself, somewhere where I feel wanted as a player and as a classmate, and a school that will help me achieve my dreams in the classroom and on the court.

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