Players to watch at the Iowa Showcase

The second event we’re hosting this summer is the RecruitLook Hoops Iowa Showcase at the All Iowa Attack Fieldhouse. We’re expecting some really good talent again at this event, which we highlight a few below.

Iowa Barnstormers
-Emarion Ellis, 2021, G, 6’5
-Landon Wolf, 2021, SF, 
-Trae Swartz, 2021, F, 
-Jaren Marshall, 2021, PG, 6′
-Joe Knutson, 2021, PF, 6’8”,
-Blaise Porter, 2023, 6’0, PG
-Dallas Bear, 2023, 6’7, SF

Illini Magic
-Justin Guernsey, 2021, Wing, 6’6”
-Bennie Slater, 2021, G, 6’6”
– Joseph Fitch 6’5 wing 2021

Pure Prep
-Trey Lewis, 2022, PG, 5’10”
– Jalen Butler, 2021, 6’6, Forward,
– Bobby Moore, 2021, 6’5, forward, 
– TJ Harkins, 2021, 6’3, Guard 
– Armonniey Thomas, 6’0, PG
– Donavyn Salyes 6’6, Forward

Colorado United 
-Kwaheem Brown, 2021, 6’5, guard/forward
-Chandler Williams, 2021, 6’7 Forward

Missouri Elite
-Charlie Bronaowski, 2021 6’6, Forward, 
-Keith Driver, 5’10, 2021, Guard, 
-Nate Norris, 2022, 6’3, Forward
-Luke Green, 2022, 6’0 Guard 
-Brady Bowers, 2023, 6’0 Guard
-Ben Linnemeyer, 2023, 6’4 Forward 
-Ethan Wiley, 2023, 6’6 Post 

Team RWA
-Ola Ajiboye, 2021
-Jaden Terrell, 2021
-Damian Zivak, 2021
-Jeremy Fears, 2023
-Sincere Malone, 2021
-Tavarius Vinson, 2022
-Kamryn Thomas, 2022

Powerhouse Hoops NE
-Faisaun Germany, 2021
-Josh Brown, 2021
-Dominic Humm, 2021
-Jared Bohrer, 2022

Grassroots Sizzle
-Hercy Miller, 2021
-Mercy Miller, 2023
-Isiah Davis, 2021
-Chase Carter, 2022
-Willie Wilson, 2022
-Donovan Smith, 2022
-Demarion Watson, 2022
-Alonzo Dodd, 2022

Larry Hughes Basketball Academy
-Logan Wich, 2021
-Myles Estrada, 2021
-Sam Thompson, 2021

Beyond Ball
-Ruot Bijek, 2022
-Jack Groteke, 2021
-Ben Loverude, 2021
-Tyler Andrews, 2021
-Jevin Sullivan, 2022

All Iowa Attack
-Angelo Winkel, 2021
-Connor Drew, 2021
-Karson Sharar, 2021
-JaRon Crews, 2021
-Trevion Labeaux, 2022
-Adam Mattes, 2022

-Tre Holloman, 2022
-Caleb Siwek, 2021
-Spencer Alverez, 2021
-Blessed Barhayiga, 2021

Showtime Hoopers
-Marcus Kelderman #0, 2021
-Keeon Hutton #3, 2022

Iowa Ambush
-Owen Larson, 2024
-Kevin Bozeman, 2021

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2019 Larry Hughes Elite Camp Preview

Press Release

August 2nd, 2019

RecruitLook Hoops will once again host the Larry Hughes Elite Camp on August 10-11, 2019 in St. Louis. This is an invite-only camp that will bring in some of the top high school basketball recruits from across the country. The two-day event will feature a mixture of 60 national recruits in the 2020, 2021, and 2022 recruiting classes – all getting the chance to learn from NBA-veteran and skills trainers.

NBA veteran, Larry Hughes, along with state-champion high school coach, Justin Tatum, will be the lead instructors for the Camp that will take place at Hughes’ brand-new facility.

Hughes has an impressive resume having played thirteen seasons at the highest level of professional basketball in the NBA. He was drafted by the 76ers in the 1st round (8th overall) of the 1998 NBA draft out of Saint Louis University, where he was named Freshman of the Year. Hughes was recognized as a versatile and athletic guard with strong defensive abilities, and was selected to the 2004-2005 All-Defensive 1st Team.

“Larry is passionate about spreading his basketball knowledge to the younger generation, which aligns with our vision and overall goal of RecruitLook Hoops,” says Mike Enright, Founder of RecruitLook. “It’s paramount that we have an influential partner like Larry to assist with the development of the next generation of basketball players.”

This camp will also feature wearable technology that is found in top-notch NBA facilities, including the RSPCT Basketball System to track shots, and the Kinexon’s sports technology cameras to measure player movement. All the data is tracked and logged into a digital locker, which will be shared to college coaches of all levels.

“We founded Larry Hughes Basketball Academy as well as our BTS (Basketball Training System) to develop athletes’ basketball abilities and basketball IQ — as well as their character and life skills,” says Larry Hughes, Founder of LHBA and BTS. “We share the same vision when it comes to assisting youth within the sport of basketball. We’re excited to build leaders on and off the court.”

The Larry Hughes Elite Camp provides athletes with an opportunity to showcase their skills against elite competition, while also learning more about the game of basketball and life-skills from special guests. In addition to the drill work and skills sessions the campers will receive, the camp will focus on teaching valuable lessons off the court.

The camp is not open to the public, only family members of the campers. Media requests need to be submitted to

Get the preview of Campers attending…