Player Profile: 2023 Ahmad Henderson II (Brother Rice HS)

The first official week of the high school basketball season has just concluded and one player who reminded everyone of their talent was Brother Rice PG — Ahmad Henderson II. He lead the Crusaders to an impressive 3-1 start to the season. Which saw him in their last game versus Oak Park-River Forest lead his team to the win with an impressive 33 point, 10 assists performance along with 3 steals.

He started the season with a 30 point performance giving a small glimpse of the things to come this season.

Playing the point guard position requires many intangibles and immense basketball knowledge. Ahmad has the skills, knowledge, and not to the mention the leadership ability that makes him a great point guard.

He has the high level of understanding and knowledge that the great point guards have in their arsenal.

Though he is undersized, he has the heart of a lion, thriving on competition and pressure situations. He has a great understanding on the role of a point guard, constantly making plays to make his teammates better.

He has the ability to create scoring opportunities for his teammates as well as for himself. Though he has the pass-first mentality that point guards should have, he shoots the ball very well. He is without a doubt one of the best pure point guards in the 2023 class.

It will be a big season for Ahmad as he leads Brother Rice as one of the favorites to make it down state for a state championship run.

Already holding multiple Division 1 offers he will be mentioned as the best Point Guard in the state and his recruiting will continue to increase as the season moves on.

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