Player Focus: Quincy Allen

RLH: What are you looking forward to the most for this spring/summer basketball season?

QA: This Spring and Summer I’m mostly looking forward to competing with my team in the EYBL circuit and getting an opportunity to play against the best in the country, also getting an opportunity to go to all the top camps, as well as just staying in the gym and improving on my overall skill set.

RLH: Do you have anything you want to work on this spring/summer in preparation for high school basketball?

QA: Over the spring and summer I want to improve on getting to the rim more often than usual instead of settling for my jump shot.

RLH: What is the biggest difference between high school and AAU basketball?

QA: The biggest difference between high school and AAU is probably the pace of the game and how there are [fewer] set plays in AAU than in high school and AAU is more physical in my opinion.

RLH: Who is your favorite player in the NBA right now? Why?

QA: My favorite player in the NBA to watch right now is Devin Booker because of how fast he can fill up the stat sheet scoring wise and I model my game after him.

RLH: What schools have been showing interest in you so far?

QA: I’ve been offered by Howard and Georgetown but other than that I have received interest from Oklahoma state, Villanova, Maryland, Virginia, Virginia Tech, Delaware, West Virginia, Marquette, Stanford, and NC State.

RLH: How much has your game changed from this time last year? How so?

QA: The biggest part of my game that I’ve changed by far my is athleticism.

RLH: Who was the toughest player you face last year?

QA: The toughest player I had to face last year was probably either Henry Coleman or DJ Stewart.

RLH: What is the most important lesson you have learned playing for your coaches at Team Takeover?

QA: The most important lesson I’ve learned so far from the coaches from Team Takeover is probably just to go hard every chance you get and to always pay attention to the details.



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