Player Focus: 2021 PG Zeke Mayo

KC Run GMC’s 16u squad is one of the better squads in the country and it’s all because of their floor general Zeke Mayo. Mayo was on-hand for the Sunflower Showcase leading his team and being one of the best point guard prospects in attendance. Mayo sees the floor well, has a nice change of pace, can get to the rim, and has the ability to hit the three pointer. We were able to catch up with the talented floor general Sunday after their championship win. 

Overall, how’d you feel the event went for you and your team?

We definitely came out strong the first day. The second day we only had one day and came out sluggish. We came out championship Sunday and finished strong and won the championship. 

Last weekend you guys were in Atlanta, kind of talk about how that went for you?

That was a great experience. It was our second year down there, so we were pretty familiar with how it was going to and we played some good competition. We finished .500, and could have definitely beat the teams we lost to and finished way better than what we did. 

Coming into the spring and summer, what was a goal of yours to improve on in your game?

Honestly, just being a leader. Like the point guard I know I can be. Coaches look at their point guard as leading a team and being more vocal and I think I can work on that a lot more. 

Is that something you’re also going to be working on heading into your high school season as well?

Heading into my high school season, I definitely want to get stronger. Because varsity is a different kind of level. I’ve played it the last two years, but you know I’ve come across some bigger guys and the game is a lot faster. 

You’re the point guard for your team, how is it playing with guys like Mark Mitchell and Tamar Bates?

It takes a lot of pressure off my shoulders because those guys can score the ball really well. I really focus on getting my assists and doing what else I can on the defensive end. Just to help the team get wins. 

I just recently saw you got offers from Northern Alabama and Northern Colorado, what has kind of been their message to you?

You know, just come into the program and play as a freshman and impact the game the way that I know I can. Be the leader that I know I can be and being able to score the ball as well. 

Have any other schools started to show interest?

Yeah, South Dakota State, Drake, and a couple of schools have started following me on twitter. 

Are you planning on taking visits in the fall?

Yeah, I’ve only got Central Arkansas scheduled for December. 

Are there any other schools you’re hoping reach out to you?

Yeah, there’s a lot of schools. Hoping to talk to Wichita State, saw them at a couple of games. Creighton I’ve talked to before and that’s really it right now.

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