One on One with 2022 Phenom Mark Mitchell

SHAWNEE, KAN.—2022 phenom Mark Mitchell is only just beginning to scratch the surface of his talent level. The Bishop Miege and KC Run GMC product was on hand at the Sunflower Showcase over the weekend and proved to be worth the hype. Mitchell was outstanding all weekend doing a little bit of everything, in part showing why he’ll have all the blue bloods of college basketball chasing him. “Just trying to win a championship,” said Mitchell when talking about the Sunflower Showcase, and he did just that. Leading the way for his team in multiple games, Mitchell was a force to be reckoned with and impressive nonetheless.

“I think getting to the basket for sure is probably the strongest part of my game and rebounding, offensive rebounding. I’m really good at that,” said Mitchell. Although he showed both of those strong suits to his game over the weekend, what really stood out was his defense. The long and lanky forward was disruptive all weekend. Whether that was jumping the passing lanes, tipping balls, or blocking shots. It just needed some motivating to get Mitchell going on the defensive end, which came from an unexpected source. “My dad was actually on me about that yesterday, so I tried to do a little bit better today than I did yesterday.”

Heading into his high school season, Mitchell has one thing he really wants to work on that can really take his game to the next level. “Just consistency on my jump shot, some days it will be on and some days it will be off.”

The 16u Run GMC squad have several high-level players who will play at the Division One level and at High Majors, and Mitchell know that elevates his games. “Any day it can be someone else’s game, you’re not going to score the most points so it’s all about playing together.”

With the live period having come and gone, Mitchell has started to hear from Kansas, North Carolina, and Western Kentucky. Mitchell just picked up his official offer from Kansas yesterday to add to his only offer from Milwaukee which came a while ago according to Mitchell. “Kansas, yeah I was supposed to talk to them the other day. They love my game; they were at most of our games in Atlanta. Now they’re just trying to get me on campus for some visits in the Fall.”

There’s a connection to North Carolina and Coach Roy Williams, as Mitchell’s GMC coach Billy Thomas played for Roy Williams when he was at Kansas. That’s who they’ve expressed their interest through so far with their initial contact. With two blue bloods having reached out already, he’s hoping the others start to jump in as well.

There may be a chance Mark Mitchell never steps foot on a college basketball court, there’s been talk and the longstanding notion that the One and Done rule will go away starting with the 2022 class. Kids will be able to jump straight to the NBA from High School, but that hasn’t crossed Mitchell’s mind just yet.

 “I don’t really think about it that much since it’s so far away, but I just keep trying to get better so if the opportunity does come and present itself then I can do that.”

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