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National Signing Day: It’s Not What It Seems To Be…

The 1st Wednesday in February each year is becoming a more holiday-esque type day than ever before.   This year it is Feb 4th…aka National Signing Day in the College Recruiting world.   However, thanks to ESPN, social media, and other media outlets in the recruiting industry…this day is portrayed as something it is not…which is only a single day to sign your National Letter of Intent (NLI) with the college you chose to commit to become a student-athlete while pursuing your degree.

national signing dayIn fact, National Signing Day is the first day of a two month period to sign your NLI.   Also, it seems to be for just football recruits….well, soccer, track & field, cross country, and field hockey recruits can sign on this day too.   All of the prospective student-athletes in these 5 sports have between Feb 4th and April 1st to sign their NLIs w/ D1 and D2 programs.  Other sports…such as basketball, baseball, and softball have a regular signing period beginning on April 15th this year…for D1 and D2 programs.

What You Need To Know About Signing a National Letter of Intent

All other division levels (D3, NAIA, and JUCO) can sign any other day from now until August 1st.   Did you know that?

Be careful what you see, hear, and read on TV, social media, and the internet alone.

Do your research.   Don’t rush to commit, just so you can sign with the others on Feb 4th.   This isn’t a race.   This is your future.

Check your ego at the door, forget about status, and when your friends and/or teammates are signing.   This is about YOUR recruiting process.

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