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My freshman year playing Varsity

My last blog was about my knee injury, I was thrilled when I found out that it wasn’t my ACL! I only missed two weeks of softball, not going to lie it was the longest two weeks of my life! If I was being really honest I think it was the longest two weeks of my coach’s life because sitting  out killed me and I might have bugged him in the dugout when I had to set out during scrimmage because of my knee. I’ll never forget getting my release paper from the doctor, I had my ball uniform in the car and when I got the release I ran to the car to change. When my mom was done with doctor’s office she came out to me dressed and ready to hit the field. I was so excited to take the field with my teammates, it was the greatest feeling in the world.  I was the starting shortstop and batting lead off for the varsity team and loving every second of wearing Wyandotte across my chest! The team really came together this year! We had four freshman that started and the upper classman welcomed us and made us feel like part of the team. We finished 23-13, we were district champs again, and made it to the semifinals at regionals.  Losing at regionals was a major heartbreak, I wanted to go to state so bad for our group of seniors. We had two pitchers that are seniors that killed it on the circle they carried our teams to many wins and they will be missed! I’m proud of our pitchers because they are moving on to play softball in college! I finished the season with over a .400 batting average and was honored with being selected as All-Conference Newcomer of the Year. It was a great honor but I feel like it was honor that needed to shared with two of best friends that are also freshman. Our catcher is a freshman as well and she controlled the game behind the plate and we had a lot of outs at second base because of her arm. She earned All Conference catcher. Our second baseman is a freshman and we made a lot of double plays together, I loved sharing middle infield with her. She also earned All-Conference for middle infield. This was a season that I will never forget and I’m looking forward to the next 3 years because I get to play with my sister my junior and senior year. 

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