Lindsay Takkunen Joins The RecruitLook Scout Team

Lindsay Takkunen will be scouting in Africa and North Carolina for RecruitLook. She currently resides in Kenya, and plans on traveling to the States throughout the year.

Takkunen was a multi-sport athlete growing up, and was fortunate to get recruited on a division one swimming scholarship. She has since dedicated her career as a coach and mentor for athletes seeking to further their education through sport.

Throughout her twenty-years of coaching (fourteen years of coaching internationally), she has grown to understand the challenges faced by international athletes. Many have a keen interest and desire to attend university in the US, but none of them know how to get started on the recruiting process. As a result, many international athletes look to other countries that are more familiar to them.

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Over the years, she has counseled athletes on the recruiting process, and as a result several athletes have attended universities in the US and Canada.

Takkunen brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the International Recruiting Team at RecruitLook, and her strengths in mentoring athletes on an international level are:

-Coach and athlete contacts in several countries including: Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Algeria, South Africa, Philippines, Singapore, UK, Canada, and US.

-Strong knowledge of the major international curriculums including IGCSEs, A-Levels, IB Diploma, and Metric.

-Strong understanding of various cultural backgrounds and customs. This becomes extremely important when managing the expectations of parents and athletes

“Understanding that the world is full of talent, but not everyone is given the opportunity needed to grow and nurture that talent. My vision as part of the RecruitLook family will be to look for that talent and ensure it is provided with the opportunity needed to flourish and succeed.” –Lindsay Takkunen

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How Can RecruitLook Help?

RecruitLook Scouts coach athletes step-by-step through the entire college recruiting process. We build custom marketing plans for each athlete to ensure they get more college recruiting exposure. Just because you are a good high school athlete does not guarantee a college scholarship offer. There are a lot of factors that come into play during an athlete’s recruitment, and the best way to be prepared is to work one-on-one with our Scouts.

A few of the topics we cover:

  • Breaking down college scholarship offers
  • Marketing the student-athlete to college coaches
  • What to expect on official and unofficial visits
  • Becoming and staying eligible
  • NCAA recruiting rules for your sport
  • How to communicate with college coaches
  • Scholarship stats for your spot
  • Plus Much More…and we provide 24/7

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