What are College Football Junior Days

Important info on College Football Junior Days

The popularity of college football junior days have skyrocketed the past few years, and more college coaches are using the time as a powerful recruiting tactic. We are seeing the popularity firsthand with athletes and parents, as more and more are asking questions on what exactly College Football Junior Days are. Here is a breakdown:

What is a Junior Day?

A Junior Day is a recruiting strategy that college coaches are using to get high school athletes on their campus. Junior Days have been around previously, but they are now getting to be more exclusive – or at least starting to serve more of a purpose than before.

How have Junior Days changed?

A few years back, a recruit might have attended a Junior Day hundreds of other recruits. They were setup to get as many potential recruits on campus with the hopes that a few would commit. This style (aka: the cattle call) still exist; however, college coaches are seeing the importance to make the Junior Day more meaningful and exclusive – meaning coaches can target more sought after recruits to try and persuade the recruit to join their program. They have evolved from a “showcase” to more of a “recruiting experience”.

Are all Junior Days getting more personal?

Not necessarily. Some schools still have the larger Junior Days to get as many recruits as possible familiar with their school. It is a great way to show a large group of potential recruits the campus, facility, and to meet the coaches. Most often the larger Junior Days will happen in conjunction with the team’s spring game, and then the school will host a more selective Junior Day on another weekend.

What is the advantage of the more personal Junior Day?

The immediate advantage is that it means the school is very interested in you. Coaching staffs that holds the smaller, more exclusive Junior Days are looking to win over the recruits. They have a smaller crowd because they want to get to know the recruits, and be able to discuss football with the recruits. A recruit will meet with position coaches, coordinators, and strength coaches to gauge what the recruit understands and how he can process the information. This is a tremendous opportunity for a recruit to shine in front of college coaches.

What happens at Junior Days?

A Junior Day is similar to “unofficial visits” in that the recruit and parent(s) have to pay their own way. They get to visit the campus, coaching staffs, and even possibly the academic advisers. The coaches will typically hold their Junior Days around spring football or when there is a home basketball game to attend.

Do offers happen at Junior Days?

They could. Not typically will you get an offer at the bigger Junior Days, but at the more exclusive Junior Days it is a possibility.

How to handle a Junior Day invite….

Getting invited to attend a Junior Day is a gratifying feeling. As a recruit, you start to feel like you are officially being recruited; however, the RecruitLook Scouts recommend you do your due diligence about the invite. There are things you can do before, during, and after the Junior Day to ensure you get the most possible recruiting exposure from the event. Our Scouts at RecruitLook can assist athletes with the handling of Junior Days. Contact us today!

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