Isaac Traudt recaps season and his rising recruitment

Isaac Traudt is a 2022 small forward from Grand Island, Nebraska. The 6’8″ hooper has seen his recruitment explode the past several weeks with offers from Wyoming, Drake, Neb-Omaha, Idaho, and Kansas State. Traudt carries an impressive 4.0 GPA and averaged: 17ppg, 6rpg, 2apg, 48% from FG, 38% from 3pt FG.

We caught up with him to discuss his season, AAU ball and his recent offers.

RLH: You guys had a nice run this year finishing 17-8 with a 9 game winning streak to close the season before losing in overtime to Creighton Prep. Tell us a little more about the season from your perspective.

IT: I thought we had a really good year and made the most of what we had. Our coaching staff made this year a priority and it really showed. We had multiple players make big plays during the season and our team chemistry was the best that I’ve ever seen at our high school. We won plenty of games that most people thought we would lose.

RLH: Is that loss to Creighton Prep motivation for next year?

IT: That loss is definitely motivation for next year because we were right there and one win away from our team goal to make it to the state tournament. It’ll just make us returning players work harder in this offseason and next season to reach our goal this time.

RLH: You’re a top option on a solid high school team. How did you handle the defenses knowing that you’re the go-to guy on offense?

IT: Almost every team put their best defender on me and face guarded me. I had to change my approach to offense this year. I started setting a lot of off ball screens to get free and about halfway through the season I became the point guard because my coach wanted me to have better opportunities from there. A lot of times, teams would send a double team and I thought I did a really nice job of distributing the ball.

RLH: You’re one of the top players in the state in your class. What is your case on why you should be #1?

IT: I think there are a lot of very high level players in my class in Nebraska. I think what separates me a little bit is my versatility with my height, length, and being able to play almost every position.

RLH: If a college coach asked what are the strong parts of your game? What would you say?

IT: I would say my strengths are the ability to score from all 3 levels, ball handling, ability to distribute the ball, and my ability to contest shots at the rim.

RLH: What are you doing to improve as a basketball player?

IT: I’m making my strength and lateral quickness a priority this offseason. I know I have to get better with both of those. Im also doing plenty of skill work to become a better player too.

RLH: Your college recruitment has been going crazy the past couple weeks. Are these offers coming out of nowhere or have these schools been on you for some time?

IT: I’ve been talking to a lot of these schools that have offered for the past month or so. I’ve developed a pretty good relationship with them too.

RLH: What has been the consistent message when college coaches recruit you?

IT: Basically every school I’ve talked to has said similar things about what they like about me. They say I fit into their style of play well and like my versatility and shooting/ ball handling ability.

RLH: Covid-19 has derailed AAU basketball for the time being. What are you doing to stay prepared if-and-when things open back up?

IT: I have access to a building with a nice half court in it and I’ve been able to go there once or twice a day. I also have a weight room in my basement so I can lift and I’ve been able to do workouts in my backyard for quickness.

Traudt says he’ll be running this year with Lincoln Supreme.

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